17 June 2012

If you wanna Change... Change Yourself !

                                                    Take A Step!

Change is inevitable ... matter changes as it is the very nature of matter to change ....but channelizing the change into manifesting creatively is  a result of the positive intention of the intend er !For example, we all grow and are growing this very minute  , older, wiser , but how we grow, and how we use this moment...to  grow and change  ... is in our hands ! Whether we choose a  life of mediocrity or creativity depends on us and our intentions  and actions as life can be creative and enriching experience  every moment  when we value, appreciate and enjoy both the stillness and the movement in the moment....

 Like the Upanishads states ... You are what your deepest desires are , as is your desire so is your intention . as is your intention so is your will , as is your will so is your deed ,as is your deed so is your destiny ....

 What at times may take years or a lifetime to accomplish, may take is just a single step or expression to bring  it on !  But remember  there are  always those subtle  signs that guide us towards whatever we wish for .

To intend to change for the better is the first step then to fulfill our deepest aspirations. A focused approach of  where to go and what to accomplish  , and persevering with a determined effort at it, is reason enough to make life respond rapidly  almost as if there is an invisible ray of power in and around us to make it happen . Simply put , whenever there is an aspiration  to make a difference , to change something , there is a corresponding response accordingly  !

So  guess its important  to make a move even if you are shaky and afraid, eventually you gain enough confidence to make bigger , bolder moves and that is truly liberating, as it is full of true confidence in acknowledging what all you are truly capable of. Bring out the success that you ACTUALLY are!:)
 Savvy Raj

14 June 2012


Dancing Souls: A DANCERS JOURNEY: ‘FROM LEARNING TO SHARING’: Dancing is the rhythm of life which is primarily a motion based on a thought that a movement could simply express what could be a volume o...

12 June 2012


There is something endearing about dancing with a partner, it’s the
 power to attract another magnetically and charmingly interact with
 another’s energy and spirit through dance movement.
A prerequisite to dancing well is one’s ability to take an emotional
journey and open oneself and to share and connect to another’s
 energies .This is what engages the audience and keeps them
 enthralled. It’s beyond the physicality of steps, patterns, touch, or
 even the right dance hold or dance frame. It’s in the ability to dance
with space, time, yet in complete awareness of one another heart of
 I had an opportunity to experience this just the other day when I
witnessed all of this and more in Rohini  (my mother’s friend actually)
  a family friend of many years . I have known her to be a simple
 religious and a happy go lucky person who also may have been
 through much personal turmoil like so many others but yet
 has managed a cheerful disposition every time I met her.

 Her characteristic sunny nature would never give away the strife
behind the smile. The occasion was her 25 th wedding anniversary
that I got invited to , and as we reached the venue  the couple
were at the dais, very understated , a picture of simplicity and
The evening took off, with all their close friends having some
wonderful and touching things to say about them both.
I had passed on the mike at that time, as I guess; I hadn't collected
 my thoughts to speak all of the sudden.

There was a small dance floor which soon got filled up with
people who were initially hesitant As the music filled the air
 many more of us started getting into the groove and dancing.
And then I saw her, it was her in her element, dancing from
 her heart and soul. It was fantastic to see her energetic
 dancing in full display for the all to see , Her ever calm and
composed husband  seemed mesmerized by all the fun moves
 she did . In fact everyone was charmed by her passion and
 for that moment I realized just then that her joyful dancing soul
 had peeped out from the depths of it all. 

Kudos to her for keeping the spirit of dancing alive in
 her through all these years .God bless!
 Dancing from the heart always counts more than
perfection of steps. And that’s the ultimate challenge…
To keep the mind open, ready, receptive, giving and
 simple enough to ….
Dare to step out of comfort zones.
 My salute to this dancing soul !

Savvy Raj

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09 June 2012

Art of Social Partner Dancing ....in India

Art of Social  Partner Dancing ....in India

Partner Dancing has become a popular hobby in India of late with more and more people attending various classes in order to stay in good shape and healthy too.Social dancing has always been an impromptu jig with  a leader and a follower, nowadays people seem to relate it to the competitive forms of Ballroom and Latin dancing , which are more rigorous in terms of training and routines which are performance and show based.One gets hooked by the simple yet seductive passionate movements in a dance like the tango , whether you are just viewing or dancing it .the striking costumes and sharp sleek movements make it fascinating !

 Social Dancing is actually is a fun way to bring together like minded people displaying artistically creative moves in the spur of the moment .Romance passion and having a good time are the other reasons than fitness , which draws many to learn all these partner dance forms . A few good lessons is all it takes to realize the feeling of moving in perfect opposition and yet in total sync.

If you are interested in learning to dance any of these international dance forms  you must start by zeroing in on a style that would suit you and your attitude.  It would be a good idea to buy some comfortable and  stretchy  clothes  that you feel comfortable  enough to be amongst people , so invest in clothes which give freedom of movement.

 In case of Ballroom and Latin Dances it would be a good idea to check with your instructor as to the kind of shoe to wear as some teachers recommend a special kind of shoe for the particular style they are teaching. These are necessary as they are specifically designed to work best for the corresponding dance forms movement mechanics.
Personally after an overdose of media exposure of the dance styles in possibly every form and crowd pulling antics by the performers and the organizers, I have at many a times  wondered if it was a dance or a circus show or acrobatics with so many dangerous  lifts  thrown in  that  I  feel I would prefer to watch a social dancer dancing impromptu with some one they know or  may be even  a perfect stranger and yet relate , communicate and innovate  beautifully through the non verbal language     of  dance !This is after all the ultimate test for any dancer to create an artistic  piece of work  that draws out every nuance of  learning and puts it to good use for the sheer joy of expression.

After all excellence in dancing is  the art of making it work for you the way you want it to when you want it to…..
Savvy Raj 

05 June 2012


 If we are sitting at a desk for long duration we realize that our body tends to get rigid  , and even day to day activities at times are hindered . Regular stretching movements  help ease the body into a comfortable state of flexibility.

       Dancing socially is a wonderful way to get the benefit of dancing for enjoyment as well as health .

In terms of the  various health benefits  occurring due to dance internally in our bodies , it is an acknowledged fact that  for example as one dances  Bolero or a  Slow Waltz or Slow Foxtrot or even a Rumba which are all about the length , elegance, poise and balance, the parasympathetic system of our nervous system gets activated , due to deeper breathing and stretching movements. This switches off the flight or fight mode of our nerves and releases the muscle tension in our body while bringing about a general relaxation response. Our breathing pattern normalizes and in turn any elevated blood pressure come to normal levels.Stretching movements in these dances are gentle non aggressive , flowing movements are kinder on the body and not too exacting . Active stretching  reduce muscle tendon viscosity , they ensure suppleness in the joints  with an increase in the synovial  fluid  and lengthening muscle fibers increase range of motion  while increasing the circulation in the body . This enhances  muscular coordination and posture with an increase in  energy levels whatever the age . 

Our movements are akin to our thoughts we are after all  what we think . Simply learning to love and be kinder with our body makes it kinder to us ..So  as we dance gently we  learn to dance with  the flow  .....and expand our selves wholeheartedly .

Cultivate a life enhancing skill  like ballroom dancing and bring on joy happiness health & togetherness in your relationships
 Savvy Raj 
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