09 June 2012

Art of Social Partner Dancing ....in India

Art of Social  Partner Dancing ....in India

Partner Dancing has become a popular hobby in India of late with more and more people attending various classes in order to stay in good shape and healthy too.Social dancing has always been an impromptu jig with  a leader and a follower, nowadays people seem to relate it to the competitive forms of Ballroom and Latin dancing , which are more rigorous in terms of training and routines which are performance and show based.One gets hooked by the simple yet seductive passionate movements in a dance like the tango , whether you are just viewing or dancing it .the striking costumes and sharp sleek movements make it fascinating !

 Social Dancing is actually is a fun way to bring together like minded people displaying artistically creative moves in the spur of the moment .Romance passion and having a good time are the other reasons than fitness , which draws many to learn all these partner dance forms . A few good lessons is all it takes to realize the feeling of moving in perfect opposition and yet in total sync.

If you are interested in learning to dance any of these international dance forms  you must start by zeroing in on a style that would suit you and your attitude.  It would be a good idea to buy some comfortable and  stretchy  clothes  that you feel comfortable  enough to be amongst people , so invest in clothes which give freedom of movement.

 In case of Ballroom and Latin Dances it would be a good idea to check with your instructor as to the kind of shoe to wear as some teachers recommend a special kind of shoe for the particular style they are teaching. These are necessary as they are specifically designed to work best for the corresponding dance forms movement mechanics.
Personally after an overdose of media exposure of the dance styles in possibly every form and crowd pulling antics by the performers and the organizers, I have at many a times  wondered if it was a dance or a circus show or acrobatics with so many dangerous  lifts  thrown in  that  I  feel I would prefer to watch a social dancer dancing impromptu with some one they know or  may be even  a perfect stranger and yet relate , communicate and innovate  beautifully through the non verbal language     of  dance !This is after all the ultimate test for any dancer to create an artistic  piece of work  that draws out every nuance of  learning and puts it to good use for the sheer joy of expression.

After all excellence in dancing is  the art of making it work for you the way you want it to when you want it to…..
Savvy Raj