17 April 2014

Life is the Gift ...Living is an Art !

Live it up and not just exist for existence sake !
Wake up to a life of beauty in and  around you  every day.

Spend moments in that which you love ...
As you find your passion and it will lead you to your purpose! 

Participate in enthusiasm in each moment don't let it pass you by ...
Live in alignment with your purpose with passion .

 Let go of past and commit to this moment 100%
Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free !

All in this world are one
Embrace the art of growing ,helping others grow with you !

Be flexible to new ideas 
 Explore your limits and gently stretch beyond  

  Acceptance  and mutual respect are positive steps  towards creativity 
Respect people as they are .

Care to be proactive and quit complaining 
Do what you want others to do for you !

 Let go of attachments as they are impermanent 
 focus on the larger good  and empowerment !

Care to see the world from the other persons perspective 
 fill your cup of empathy and let it overflow with joy of caring ! 

Change is constant  ....Simply care to bring positive changes to the self 
and the world changes for you !

 Embrace the art of expressing gratitude for all that was , is and will be !
If you don't express they will never know how much they mean to you .

 Get in touch with your inner happiness and the world is a happy place 
Smile and have loads of fun !

Be authentic about yourself and loving all that you are 
 cos you are a manifestation of divine light !

 As you meet the divinity in you you will meet the divine in others !
Life is a gift  living is an art !

Savvy Raj 

21 March 2014


To dance is to know the bliss in humility and the strength in the flexibility
 To dance is to know the joy in the moves, the power in the adaptability
 To dance is to know that to take flight you need to be in touch with the roots
To dance is to connect with your core of your being.
To dance is to value contentment and peace
 To dance is to lay bare and reveal your innermost thoughts
 To dance is to enjoy the life in the movements
 To dance is to express hope beyond despair.
To dance is to create happiness and health in and around you
 To dance is to spread the power of positivism
 To dance is to breathe more wisdom 
 To dance is to exhale the unnecessary
To dance is to emanate the confidence  within

To dance is to aspire with dignity of grace 
 To dance is to dare to bare your soul's deepest longings
 To dance is to reach beyond the limitations of knowing
 To dance is to brave through the impossibilities of fear
To dance is to spread the light of your heart and soul
 To dance is to give out a message of freedom.
To dance is to support the living you
 To dance is to reach out a helping hand to lift another up.
To dance is to know love without dependence
To dance is to listen in the silence as the soul speaks
To dance is to be brave to express yourself
To dance is to realize the wisdom of your soul 
 To dance is to grace your life in conscious gratitude.
To dance is an acknowledgement of the divine connection.
To dance is to spark your creative spirit in the movements.
To dance is live a life you love.

 To dance is to be expansive, accepting and allowing of the power within every move
 To dance is to respect yourself as you are, and remind yourself of your strength within …
To dance is to acknowledge the innate spirit of your joyous self and share it in own unique way.  In fact to dance is to be uniquely you ….


25 February 2014

You Most Certainly Can Dance

A small story of inspiration for Beginners learning to dance !

A pleasant Sunday morning, finds me in a new venue, a family club actually for my dance workshops in the suburbs of Mumbai , well it was a start of something new, so there I stood before my new batch of learners, a lovely couple and they had brought their daughter of five along with them.  Being a parent myself I understand the limitations of nuclear parenting in Mumbai and the fact that there are times that one has to just take the kids along where you want to go, as sometimes, there is no one you could leave them safely with.
The keen observer in the picture is the little girl  I have written about  :)
I smiled at the little girl who gave me a warm smile back. Very sweet I thought! Soon enough I began the session with the usual round of introduction to the dance form and then went on with the basic step of swing. I was quite busy with the parents and just had a cursory glance the little girl who I saw amusing herself standing near the corner where a couple of chairs were stacked.I went abort explaining about the beat, counts and the rhythm and the body positioning and was halfway through the session . I was engrossed in teaching so much that I was suddenly jolted with a soft but insistent tap on my arm. I turned and was absolutely amazed when the little girl showed me the basic step with perfect timing to music. The little girl had carefully observed what I was doing and imbibed it for sometime standing quietly in the corner and once she was confident she came up to me silently for approval . 
I was clearly bowled over by the power of observation and interest in this child. Many a times with power of observation we can master all that we want to by our-self , provided we have the determination to focus on our goals.
The little child's brain had mapped a visual imagery of the step clearly, and was able to recall it at will even though she had not practiced it half the number of times her parents had... along with me.

 The power of observation has no age barrier, some are gifted and some have to develop the latent power within, but  we all  certainly have it within us to  reap the potential of this power.
So do care to see a little beyond the denials and negations just trust and believe you can dance and  then  You Most Certainly Can Dance!

Savvy Raj

13 February 2014

Follow your passion ....find your purpose... fulfill your presence!

The highest motivation that can change the way we behave for the better is always intrinsic than external factors .There have been many research studies conducted to find out if we are influenced to perform better consistently through a system of rewards and punishments.Humans it is found are found to decrease performance in tasks where there is only materialistic gain as a reward, but fare consistently better where there is autonomy and encouragement of moving towards a purpose . A purpose which aligns with their innate  sensibilities.

 This throws the conventional and traditional approach to getting work done, up for a toss . As it is exactly opposite viewpoint that  humans can be manipulated to a large extent to achieve better results by the so called carrot and stick methods .

 In choosing to work harder at a task or a job with passion  instead of needing to comply  to it  the human being feels free enough to go beyond the box . As there is free will within  a wider net of  required structure the creative potentialities are given a free play  and thus the individual moves closer to his authentic self . The joy of self expression results in a need to share it with others out of sheer happiness .

Highest levels of happiness are  in giving a  larger meaning to life  whether it is in involving oneself in activities  helping  another,  in learning and growing with another , it could be in  learning  a new  art form ,or even simply in dancing socially  with a group of people which  is wonderful for your well being and a  healthy life . In the simple act of  volunteering to enact a good deed  from the heart, you realize the true joys of sharing. ...and find meaning in your own lives .

What is that makes us love ourselves better when we give . Is it the satisfaction  in the appreciation of that which we willingly share or is it on the innate need for  doing a deed with a larger good in mind. or is it in the happiness of the other that results through the actions ... whatever it may be , just remember we are truly blessed and are our most authentic self in every expansive action that we choose to do!

 Savvy Raj 

10 February 2014

Dance of the Heaven and the Earth ...

Watch the heavenly dance 
   the rhythmic connects ....
of the  Twirling  clouds ,in swirling sky 
  and the opal blue oceans whirling waves . 
 A sight to behold ...

Across the horizon  
  the two shall merge
as one moving in the flow 
  of  a divine connection  
in a dance of the heaven and the earth ....


23 January 2014

Dance of the Dolphins ... Effortless Grace!

Leap of Joy !

As a child my father took us to watch a very beautiful movie called' The Day of the Dolphins’. It was my first look at these beautiful creatures of the sea. Since then I have always been mesmerized by the effortless grace in their movements.

Dolphins truly move gracefully and yet are active and fast in water. Indeed they are capable of astounding feats of great speed and agility. The reason for their ability to propel themselves well is not only because of a streamlined body but also due to their ability to use the positive pressure field generated by a moving body to their benefit. Their tails are strong, muscular and powerful. This explains their ability to swim on their sides turn quickly and also change directions fast.  
That dolphins take big leaps off the water is well known.   Many reasons can be attributed to this behavior. One of the reasons is that dolphins leap out of water while travelling to conserve energy as moving through air consumes less energy than moving in water. Others reason out that the leaping may be a signal of communication with others of its own species. Or, perhaps the act could possibly even give them a better view of food options available.
Believed to be the most intelligent of all animals, dolphins are comparably as intelligent as a two year old human being. Along with their intelligence comes a finely developed sense of touch as their nerve endings are close to their skin. This also could be the reason as to why they are able to bond closely with the human species.

It seems so that dolphins spend the better part of their day indulging in social interactions.
In fact the actions distinctly exhibited by them make for interesting observation. Talk of the manner in which they pop their heads out of the water, touching and rubbing pectoral fins, breaching, bows and more. Synchronous movements such as these seem to work so much like signals of communication in bonding between a pair... quite like a beautiful waltz !

Indeed ! What a wonderful World !  

Savvy Raj

image courtesy http://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/9b8ca2c6-8266-11e3-b622-12313b06a873-large.jpg


21 January 2014

Dancing the dance of beauty and grace!

Magnificent Sun! 
Another day dawns!
Across the distant horizon resplendent in all its radiant hues sun shines on its blessings and bejewels the sky. The leaves unfurl themselves a little bit more ….with strength and energy and basking with confidence in its radiance. So glad the bitter cold of the night has moved away, they glide lovingly content in this moment that glows with warmth!
 The buds awaken themselves and bloom willingly only to reveal their astoundingly tender beauty. And soulfully they turn seeking the brilliance of the magnificent sun …catch them dancing the dance of beauty and grace that’s shimmering in its rays…Maybe they know well the time they have with the sun is precious and know they must live it with all their might ….and behold it’s a breath-taking sight !
Who better to seek to understand the preciousness of time ….  to understand the wisdom of time from  a tender flower amidst its unabashed beauty …

 Time is precious !Fill your day brightly ! Live the moments ….lovingly!Bloom and be blessed!
Savvy Raj
Shine and sparkle some more !

19 January 2014

Dancing Nature!

A glimpse of heaven on earth!

In the yonder the sun glistens 'like gold '  And besides me are flowers in manifold hues of pink jostling up a treat of wonder and awe for my rapturous eyes.The green of the leaves envelop me in calm as I listen attentively to the rustling foliage ...

It's Dawn....  Beautiful light!

Daybreak You are a breath taking Sight..

How I love the way the blue and white sky-sublimes your bright orange hues to a beautiful Serene cream  and  I watch in awe as it's rippled undertones splashes delightfully  across the mighty sky  and the sea....and  the river of the molten yellow glistening like golden lava..... tinting the Sea so sensually in all shades of the heaven and earth.

Indeed... A glimpse of heaven on earth! 

Savvy Raj 
{The moment I saw  this beautiful picture  I felt so connected with it ... and these words above just tumbled out of me .... just had to write it down !!}