21 January 2014

Dancing the dance of beauty and grace!

Magnificent Sun! 
Another day dawns!
Across the distant horizon resplendent in all its radiant hues sun shines on its blessings and bejewels the sky. The leaves unfurl themselves a little bit more ….with strength and energy and basking with confidence in its radiance. So glad the bitter cold of the night has moved away, they glide lovingly content in this moment that glows with warmth!
 The buds awaken themselves and bloom willingly only to reveal their astoundingly tender beauty. And soulfully they turn seeking the brilliance of the magnificent sun …catch them dancing the dance of beauty and grace that’s shimmering in its rays…Maybe they know well the time they have with the sun is precious and know they must live it with all their might ….and behold it’s a breath-taking sight !
Who better to seek to understand the preciousness of time ….  to understand the wisdom of time from  a tender flower amidst its unabashed beauty …

 Time is precious !Fill your day brightly ! Live the moments ….lovingly!Bloom and be blessed!
Savvy Raj
Shine and sparkle some more !

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