10 December 2013


As far as students learning to dance is concerned In India as of now we  seem to still have the sheep mentality – we just follow the herd.  A skilled trainer  must instill the courage to explore  discover new frontiers,  and then create by assimilation of cultural differences and recognizing the beauty in each of them .

Our culture is rich in structure in variety but with an extremely rigid although disciplined approach where learning concerned.  But perhaps new pathways have to be forged to accommodate global existence in an increasingly small world where people are realizing the importance of interconnected living and exploring integration possibilities in all spheres of art.

The old methods of learning may hold wealth of information and intellect, but mere intellectual understanding alone cannot bring awareness.  True awareness comes from acceptance and an accommodating spirit that comes from tolerance.  Tolerance of another diametrically opposite movement too and most of all conviction, trust and belief in the creative self.

 The dance scene in in India have to move beyond teaching dance to impress through fancy performances  and explore dance as a method of self expression a voice that emotes through movement.  This voice is a powerful movement which is both radical as well as intriguing in its possibilities of not only touching but progressively transforming and empowering  lives.  And that is the goal of  any art form.  Like Leo Tolstoy believed that true art is when there is no separating divide between the artist and the viewer .... as the differences of perception melt beyond recognition there emerges new shifts of consciousness.

 Perhaps it is happening in its own way embodying the healing aspects of movement through dance therapy  and its application . However the large scale fad of learning to dance to outdo  or become popular through fancy movements and showboating needs to be channelized with a more empathy oriented  dance education in place where the so called  social malaises  can be dealt with maturity that an  education of dancing together can bring to a community like building social awareness grace and poise fostering self confidence  and self esteem  as well as teamwork and respect.  Introducing a sense of empathy in imparting education  is a prime requirement in our education system .

Any art form is not explored from of arrogance and contempt for other art forms but in the accommodation of newer possibilities through a process of trial and error in thoughts perspectives of approach and experiential learning and assimilation of experiences. 

Savvy Raj 


Being In connect with the Art of Dancing !

Dancing has the ability to balance our emotions and heal the spirit within.
  Even with extremely simple movements  dancing regularly has the ability 
to counter our negative thought processes and sublime it towards a more
 balanced positive approach in life.  As our thoughts are we are and as
 we are our thoughts flow...the way  we move through life can easily
 indicate the level of comfort and connect we have with ourselves. 
 And what better than a dancing to loosen those shackles of inhibitions
 which  arise in our thoughts and stagnate the free flow of
 healing energy through our movements.Dancing has  the ability to not
 only heal our past but also to keep us  engaged completely in this
 present moment.
The ancient wisdom's had always been very accommodating of these 
healing movements whether it is for self defense , social engagement 
or festive  needs  or simply as a  restorative process in the form of  dance.

Folk dancing  and the social dances across the world have many functions.
From  celebration of the human spirit  to helping the individual express
 their emotional states in  a free flowing natural way..  They are great ways
  in  emotionally healing the communities, wherever  they are practiced.
As the dances can help in fostering a sense of community and team
 spirit by  through the simple movements  imbibed  from their daily lives
  which they can  relate to  easily .Tapping into the energy of the movements
 in their daily lives they are thus able to accept and let go of the simple to
complex issues that their lives are all about.  An effective psychologically
positive method of relaxing the body mind and spirit for the self as
 well as the world around... In  comparison are the sophisticated dances
 of a more structured method ...where mastery of technique and artistry
 is given more weightage which can be
 associated with an evolved consciousness of changing times. 

Dance definitely can express and explore the endless possibilities of the
 human body movements.  But it always feels more natural and
 spontaneous in an imprompto social  dance than when rehearsed
 and choreographed like in performance .  Its thus more significant in
 realising the power of dance is about being able make an audience
connect  with dancers where they feel 'Yes I want to dance that too'.
.And may be I could learn that too... giving them a sense of confidence ...
. An over perfected dance show might just make them than wonder
 'How in the world did they do that' as if it’s an acrobats in a circus act
 than a dance ....
 there are many instances of overuse , strain and injury amongst such
 dancers .Many new learners who might even try to learn in a rush 
...may be risking their health too with extreme training ..

There is a wealth of understanding in that simple connect .
.we call a dance....just dance on ..
The art of dancing imparts great lessons in the art of living fine !  
   Dancers and educators of this art of movement must endeavor
 to take this as their personal  responsibility  to enthuse in the learners not
 only the  understanding of dance as an joyful means of expression .. but  
also about  the powerful Empathetic connect  that can arise in it whether it is
 about dancing solo or with  a partner or even from a spectators perspective ...
 In an increasingly stressful and  competitive world...dancing naturally can 
bridge the disconnect that many students sense with their dance,when 
expectations aren't met and feel overwhelmed by

 the extreme politicizing and  dramatic and tantalizing  exposures 
and overtures by the media  in the name of DANCE ....
Be caring and respectful  and go easy with your body and .... Dance on !
 Savvy Raj


27 October 2013

A connected life ….

          Honoured to be nominated as an official  Member of the International Council of Dance UNESCO. It’s the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world. Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in 155 countries.
Have to certainly add that back in the 1960’s it was a visiting delegation from UNITED NATIONS that had come to India who had got my dear father interested in learning these International Dances and later on teaching these dances as a hobby …..and now after all these years  as his daughter … to have been certified by  CID  UNESCO  I am touched indeed to say the least .
Thank you Dad for sharing with me this Magic of Dance. I am truly grateful that our simple dream of sharing the joy of Dancing by not only training people to dance but also  specialising in applications of dance in holistic wellbeing through Dance Concepts , has been nominated  to join UNESCO CID... it surely connects the dots into a beautiful circle.

The prospect of working under the guidance of this phenomenal institution gives one unbelievable new strengths. Learning to dance is indeed a 'labour of love' and I cherish every moment. How privileged we are to share this indescribable 'magic of dance.'  Hoping to take the art of Dance  to empower more and more  people to sense and love the beauty of every movement in the moments called Life ‘
 Savvy Raj
Dance Concepts

10 October 2013

Dancing : The Art of Resonance

Dancing is a medium that brings out the power of the heart and mind and creates a force field of immunity around us..As you dance there is an exchange of knowledge,communicating non-verbally and all that's dull and immaterial tends to disappear to the background bringing forth  the grace and  beauty of life's infinite wonders .

Dance sensitizes the mind to understand empathize with trivial details as much as the larger picture .
The greatest gift of dance is the ability of expression . By using it in constructive and positive ways and means , a radical shift can be achieved  due to its mass appeal.

As you dance you are in an ecstatic and resonant connect with so many fields of  energy around you, most of which is invisible to the human eye, yet the realms can be sensed and felt  when your dancing crosses dimensions of space and time.

In this flow of movement in moments the many qualities of blending, adapting to another & moving together , dance teaches great lessons in adjustment and selflessness.

Take the step into the world of elegance and grace and you will soon realize that learning to dance is a whole lot of fun and that’s what it should be ….

Savvy Raj


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28 September 2013

Pay it forward : Grace up your life

The art of gratitude is a conscious choice. In choosing to be more aware of situations adds a softness to your personality along with the ability to increase the strength of human connect at every opportunity. It is an acknowledgement of respect you have for another’s contribution. The sincerity of effort towards conscious grace has far reaching dynamic outcomes. From a developing a deep sense of mindfulness and awareness about the self and the others to having a positive sensation of being in the now, to others looking forward to being with you as you are.
 Extending a kind note of appreciation to another is a simple task that can be imbibed as a part of one’s daily actions. A simple gesture could be a hug, or a thank you note, or even just a smile, or a kind word that pass one by....



True gratitude is knowing we are not indispensable and the art of recognizing and acknowledging the good in every person first-hand.  In our busy lives a simple act of grace goes a long way in mending hearts, lives and spirits as after all it is a natural need for humanity to be respected, appreciated and considered.  Every one of us may have felt touched upon by another’s kindness at least once in their lives. The courteous feeling just needs to be passed on at every opportunity.


04 September 2013

Dancing : Magic of Movements

Personally as a Creative Movement Educator  and a Dance Trainer using Ballroom and Latin  dances to improve health and well-being in our Dance for Wellness programs it has been an enriching experience watching the learners revel in the simple joys of movement . I have  witnessed  complete shifts in self esteem, confidence and agility  among st  learners of all ages.But to cite a very recent instance ..there is a small group of senior learners at one of  my workshops who are gradually changing their mental makeup to being extremely enthusiastic about life and learning to dance . When I had first met up with them , I remember them huddled in chairs, quite apprehensive and  some of them unsure about their ability to learn dancing . But today they have a spring in their step , glint in their eyes and a smile on their lips as they Swing and Cha Cha to their hearts content .  And  guess what... they love to dance the Merengue and Bachata too  and are waiting to learn some more.So happy to have had the opportunity to make a difference in their lives .

 I still remember that Sunday morning  about four years ago when  I was almost through with  teaching  a Waltz class  and  I saw this slender,elderly elegant woman walking in  and standing quietly, keenly watching the students who were practicing their steps from the sidelines. She was waiting  to speak to me .
 In that first moment of contact instinctively I knew there was an instant connection , I gave her a listening ear and noticed she spoke softly and clearly . She said she was heading a group of Senior citizens she would like me to come over and meet the group and also teach them to dance . Her request seemed just right up my alley  as I had been intending to conduct some workshops for seniors myself but hadn't had the opportunity yet . This seemed as if my intentions were slowly finding a way to fulfillment . We fixed up that I would come over and meet them the following Monday at the local church where they all meet up for their weekly meeting . This I came to know later,was the only activity they had together every week . The  first time I met them they were a group with lots of concerns. They heard me patiently and asked a lot of questions , ranging from whether they would be able to learn at all as most of them were well over  sixties and seventies or so .They also  mentioned that though they have danced earlier in their lives , they don't remember  much .Some said they know all there is to know ,a few others brought out their health issues which were bothering them so much that they cant possibly exercise let alone dance ,  some questioned what is the point of learning to dance ... Well to be frank I had an interesting and enjoyable time clearing their doubts and addressing their concerns . I knew most of their concerns were common to most people at their age in India.
I spoke to them addressing each of  their concerns , mentioning  instances of my own intention of wanting to work with a group of Seniors, .The initially reluctant let their defenses down and an interactive session followed , where I got some  understanding of them   and they of me . It was one of those fulfilling days  a  wonderful memory now which I hold close to my heart .Though at the end all they said was that they will get back to me  in some time.... somehow as  I drove back home that evening I knew in my heart we were all certainly going to meet  again in time .
 Soon enough in a week or so I got a call  from the lady who initiated it all saying that they need some time  for permissions  to use the same space of the  church for the dance lessons . And that was that ... nothing happened .
 Meanwhile  I continued with my Dance workshops , and facilitated training's of corporate clients . I would remember that meeting once in a while  but left it to time to decide the outcome of that meeting ..

A few years passed and I was returning back after finishing a children's workshop in  Chennai when I received her call again . Her clear and determined voice was cheerful and hopeful . She said she had two things to say , the seniors have agreed to join in and the church had given them the space to go ahead with the classes . Fantastic  .... I knew in my heart it was no coincidence that it happened  at all . After all the connects that we established that day  were just moving to affirming itself !

 Well  I got Godspeed on my side this time around ... things moved on smoothly and we were well into rolling out the first class of Swing Dancing  and more .Today as I write this its been six months or more.
Dancing together they say they  have realized the values of the human connection and the strength of community . They mention to me  how they eagerly wait for their dance workshops .They speak of how dance steps into their lives , in moments of loneliness and makes them positive and alive again.  They know dancing now is so much more about valuing  that equal partnership between the leader and the follower and that the bonds of the dance floor leaves lasting and empowering impressions in their hearts and lives .

 This experience has left me even more confident about my beliefs   :Cultivate Patience. Dream selflessly...
 Positive things are waiting to unfold if only we continue to dream our  unique  dream and believe in it !
 All you need is the strength of  intention and the dreams realizes itself , just trust in the process ! And do what  you do with all your heart ! Like minded people will arrive somehow  and help you actualize it !
 In  this endeavor I  take this opportunity to  express my deep sense of appreciation  to some of my dear students who assist me at the workshops who take time out to be with me at these sessions and I know they share with me equally the joys of making a  positive difference in people's lives.

If you have been reading this , and are  looking for ways or have ideas to make a difference positively in and  around you ,do contact me wherever you are ....cos  who knows what Magic we are meant to weave together :)

Savvy Raj

04 June 2013

Walk...Light & Easy

Every once in a while I walk at the local park. I have been witness to the gait and posture of so many patrons of the park, some regulars, some occasional entrants or whom I call mood walkers.
In the course of time I have been witness to a variety of walking personalities. I would say that most people walk with a purpose and their gait shows the keenness to be fit. But age and gender considerations apart I have seen a common gait adopted by most of them. There is certain heaviness in their walk. It is as if the stress inside is imploring them to push themselves ,faces constrained, arms hung, legs heavy almost stomping up a march on the ground accompanied  at times by a vacant , grim expression almost lost  as if left without a hint of smile in their hearts.
 I do believe that life is about great many things to be achieved and done, most of all it’s about living light and easy. Let your walk flow from pace to pace, strengthen it with fluidity in your movements, intention and purpose. Make your presence feel easy on others. Ease up your walk and grace up your life. Walk fast or slow with lightness in your stride. 
Feel your inner light and help lighten your outside world.  Just take care not to transfer your negative emotions on to the people around you. Instead let yourself be connected to the earth being a medium of energy. Whenever u realise there is a tendency of heaviness anywhere in the body, usually the shoulders or in the legs, you will notice that your gait is affected.  Simple exercise in awareness is to keep sensing the ground you are walking and realise that it is taking your bodyweight. Be thankful to nature for being there beneath you as a firm and supportive ground for you to walk and feel the air around you that you breathe in to live and sense the beating heart and walking feet that carry you as you go. Feel the moment, straighten the slump of the shoulder and open your heart and life by regaining your natural posture so that the sight of you becomes an inspiration to someone else.  It’s simple genuine attempt to be at ease by replacing and, transforming your strained patterns of movements with grace.  Rest assured if you allow yourself to come this far into positive space your light is shining through as beacon to others much in need.
Anyone can improve upon their posture in a matter of minutes
 A few simple tips for a better and natural walking posture.
  1. As you walk breathe and tighten your stomach inwards and gently feel your belly moving back towards your spine. Do not arch your back.
  2. Let your shoulders be relaxed and down but slightly back and head held high, keeping the chin up and parallel to the ground. Make sure your head doesn’t bobble around too much as you walk as that would strain your neck and disturb your balance.
  3. As you walk feel all the lower body muscles … i.e. the thighs, hips, legs working together. When you utilize all the muscles and sense it working you are less prone to overstraining any one muscle group and thus can avoid injuries or soreness.
  4. Make sure you keep your toes pointed forward as you walk … as this will keep your gait stable and balanced. Let each foot land on its heel and spring to the next step from your toes.
  5. Make sure you don’t have a clenched fist (it could elevate blood pressure) but just loose and partially closed curl.  Keep your elbows close to the body.
  6. Avoid pumping with your hands high up as you walk as it does not help propel you.
  7. Keep looking forward 10 to 20 feet ahead and not down as you walk.
  8. Finally maintaining a firm centre of gravity brings on a great walking posture.
Most importantly care to mindfully replace negative thought patterns as soon as you sense them with positive and happy thoughts and feel the lightness in your stride and in your life .
Have a healthy walk everyday !

29 March 2013


A space that's open yet bounded with a focus can be conducive to learning as when the process of exploration begins it is helped by a structured approach .

But  while boundaries may be reminding of a journey having a destination, it is the openness that reflects the never ending source of creativity.

The spirit of this  reflection  will be when  both the voice of a individual or the collectiveness of a  group is heard. The voice of concerns  must be addressed in truth and honesty ...

There must be solitude to absorb your understanding  as well as companionship for conversations to test  reflect and enhance learning ....

A space for learning can be contemplative, restorative, uplifting, energizing, stimulating ....regenerating, calming..accepting reflection ... after all the horizon of learning is always widening.


26 February 2013

Demystifying the Shroud of Glamour

 When I say I am a Ballroom and Latin dance form  trainer … there is this natural association with everything  glamorous , high heels , fancy bare all clothes , svelte  tanned bodies , hairdos and glitter , there is youth  , shows and events galore , a fancy personal life filled with parties and a fabulous nightlife  life may be . 

Far from it is the truth , actually it’s so much more than just that , it’s about raising your conscious awareness of the  harmony and balance of mind and body , it’s about empowering your mind and heart with care and understanding of relative nonverbal communication through the medium of patterns of movement . It’s about taking time to memorize at times difficult routines and yet being able to be at ease with your own self  so much that the strain of practise never shows.


It’s about making friends with your mental physical and spiritual body and creating a dimension of composure and gratitude  for another to be inspired enough to want to learn from you . It’s a huge responsibility, to make a connection with a human being and sustain it gratefully whether it is for a class a, a dance or a lifetime.   

 It’s a huge juggling act more so ,  if you have other interests as well , professionally and even personally , being a mother , a wife , a daughter  and most of all a free spirit .Its about understanding the perspective of the  space in between all that you are and all that you want to be and  managing your creative resources well. 

As we reduce the gaps between we reach to our
potential heights gradually and thus learn to be at peace with in and around us .  In the truest realm when we focus on any art form  it’s about bringing discipline and dedication in every aspect of one‘s life , learning and growing all the way . The journey that‘s never ending, and experiences that must be savoured along the way .

08 February 2013

Just a Dance every day ...

Dancing has the ability to change the inner you for the better with external movements .MRI Scans shows that the same neurons are fired  when you watch some one else dance , as it would if you are dancing  yourself .

Dancing also fosters empathy, elevates mood and has the power to spread smiles....making people experience emotions which they may have never felt possible too. In a study conducted in Italy on cardiac patients who took waltz classes not only did they develop healthier arteries ,reducing of blockages , but also reported to be in much better spirit than those who took exercise classes like cycling and treadmill..

 The expressive aspect of dance releases pent up emotion and is godsend for those who find it difficult to communicate verbally. As actions at times speaks louder than words dancers can simply bring out what they want to say in movements.Thus dancing restores the equilibrium of the mind and body .

Dancing with a partner makes you think beyond yourself and for another. Everyday if you are able to get some time to dance a bit ... its a holistic way that  helps in paving the way to a happy  healthy, healing harmonious you.


@ Dancingsouls  center 

18 January 2013


  True freedom and liberation is when we start to bridge the culture ,socio economic,differences we have due to mindset, location, or space. Had the opportunity to experience this first hand recently when I had the privilege through a very dear friend to facilitate a Dance Movement workshop in Chennai  for some underprivileged children .It was a motley group of about twenty  kids, many of them around 10 to 16 years adolescents.

When I undertook this task , I was aware that  I had no idea what it would be like, to introduce  ballroom dance movements to these children but went ahead with it positively aiming to let it take course and develop  as naturally as possible .Most of these children, were quite an interactive bunch and clearly more than  ready to mingle , that put me at ease as suddenly I just knew what  my next step could be ... I decided to get them to participate as a group and then in pairs as I went about explaining  & demonstrating a few steps of some Latin and Ballroom dances .

 Clearly visible was the spirit of joy as these children and the few adults who were briefly ready to let out their inner child ,intermingled unabashedly with the power of positivity  through the medium of dance ... As I played  & danced along with the children  , one young boy (a keen learner I had observed )stepped out of the group and asked me if I would dance with him. To make it interesting to the group further I told him I will do so if he agrees to to do the Dappan Koothu ...( their folk dance style seen in Tamil films) to my Samba moves... And yes it totally synched as we heard a resounding applause and cheer from all around ! Music and dance is the language of the soul and  who knows it better than those who sing and dance themselves ... 

The beautiful time spent with these vibrant and happy go lucky kids will be entrenched in me , they gave me so much  without their knowing!!!The joy of sharing , the spirit of happiness and most of all the hope to rise above the apparent and evolve for the better.... In those precious moments I spent with them, I witnessed unconditional love and affection and positive connection from these brave-hearts ... in deep gratitude and with a thankful and blissful  heart I look ahead to this new year...
A little bit of sensitivity,enthusiasm and a touch of love and care ...goes a long long way indeed !!!

Oh yes I forgot to mention .... it was truly interesting to say the least, to be able to teach Ballroom dancing in Tamil ... But of course dancing  is a nonverbal language of its own ... and that's what we spoke that day
Hope to catch up with them soon !
Certainly intend  to conduct more such workshops in Mumbai  too... Anyone with ideas do get in touch with me ....
Savvy Raj