28 September 2013

Pay it forward : Grace up your life

The art of gratitude is a conscious choice. In choosing to be more aware of situations adds a softness to your personality along with the ability to increase the strength of human connect at every opportunity. It is an acknowledgement of respect you have for another’s contribution. The sincerity of effort towards conscious grace has far reaching dynamic outcomes. From a developing a deep sense of mindfulness and awareness about the self and the others to having a positive sensation of being in the now, to others looking forward to being with you as you are.
 Extending a kind note of appreciation to another is a simple task that can be imbibed as a part of one’s daily actions. A simple gesture could be a hug, or a thank you note, or even just a smile, or a kind word that pass one by....



True gratitude is knowing we are not indispensable and the art of recognizing and acknowledging the good in every person first-hand.  In our busy lives a simple act of grace goes a long way in mending hearts, lives and spirits as after all it is a natural need for humanity to be respected, appreciated and considered.  Every one of us may have felt touched upon by another’s kindness at least once in their lives. The courteous feeling just needs to be passed on at every opportunity.


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