18 December 2012

To DANCE .....

“To Dance is to move with the strength of earth below you, sensing and knowing the grounding beneath you of your convictions.

To dance is to freely be able to improvise your physicality and emotional self with the quality of fluidity like the flowing water.
To dance is to ignite the power of passion and fire up your creative movements.

To dance is to be able to glide as if you are as light as the air and soar in grace, as you feel the wind enveloping yet beckoning you to scale new heights of harmonious effusion.

To dance is a conscious awareness of your edges and spaces that you occupy in this beautiful amazing world"   


17 December 2012

Divinity in motion !

Dancing to me  is the pathway to self regulation , a prayer,  the present -ness in dancing is most felt as you move from strength to strength.While dancing can be practiced and perused with many intentions , there is great potential to transform you for the better as you dance , influencing your cellular awareness .

 Dancing in any form has this versatile component to connect with your innermost emotions , as it draws you out from your deepest core , whether you are in the throes of practicing body isolation's or the gentle  undulations of movement or even in the threshold of  contemplative self restorative somatic  movement , it helps open the subtlety behind the apparent .
Dancing quietens the mind , yet heightens awareness, and awakens the heart , starting from exactly where you are in space to who you are ....in just being yourself and in the moment .

In transforming and refining the rigidity in the body and mind  to the grace and strength of flexibility ,in the yielding it bares the strength behind the suppleness, in the movement . And from the very core of your being , there is regeneration of power that is self sustaining , that is simply the liquidity of the infinity in motion . Life is fluidity... dancing after all !

28 November 2012

Aspire to Inspire

As one deepens the focus in the inward journey of awareness ,greater empathy is felt for the world outside , and when the focus is towards the outer materialistic world the focus turns towards  being more  self centered than self aware .....

Aspire to Inspire

Love Deeply

 Dance Joyfully

Move Gracefully

Behave Gratefully

Pray Earnestly

Express Confidently

Play Fairly

                                                                 Work Commitedly

                                                            Live Consciously



20 November 2012

Dance will find you :)

The cultivation of soulful movements, with the amalgamation of the (he)artful and mindful moves is essential to being  human . Sometimes people , move mindlessly  and  go looking for great  dancing movements … without seeing themselves dancing through life … There is dance  around and in the infinite horizon against which is set  every action  ever done .Actually its nothing to fret about … dance will find them!

09 November 2012

Born to dance ...

    •  In a study on the infant behavior to music and speech , interesting results were thrown open. Not only were the infants responding to the beats of music  than speech  but the ones with more most synchronized movements in response to music also smiled more often . 

This only reiterates the positive effects of the rhythms in our life whatever the age .. While babies are born to dance and play ... as  children grow many succumb to the fear of expression and also at times  become so as they could have been  over reprimanded for their innate freedom of movement due  to societal norms of certain cultures. Music and dance  has a lot of significance in the growing years of a child ....We  as parents while giving a direction to their dreams should  responsibly couple it , with their need to explore different genres of music and dance,  till  they find that sound and movement ,which resonates to their being . Exploration is part of the creative identity which one seeks to personal fulfillment and should never be side lined by parents in the children's growing years . 
 Often we come across situations where children are classified as a no good-er , average or finicky as they have no one particular interest . They seem to be like drifters just cruising along without any sense of purpose in what they do , this is very prevalent aspect of a creative mind .

 In fact just knowing that these very same minds can become very very focused in approach  once the identification of that with that  which resonates with them begins , should make the parents heart rest easy . Music , dancing and other  art forms should be an integral part of the family atmosphere.  One does not need to be able to sing or dance or even draw, sketch or paint brilliantly to appreciate art. All one needs is an open and receptive mind which evolves to being tolerant , appreciative and accommodating of more and more out of the box thoughts .

As we learn to appreciate what is in and around us ... we grow as human beings and reach out to our next generations in a more positive way .

Savvy Raj 

26 October 2012

Are you here ?

 Mindfulness is about paying attention to the movement at hand without judging it . When we understand that everything in life is constantly changing this understanding and acceptance  is liberating in itself as then we don't lose energy in stressing ourselves about things which are changing .Thus in the variability aspect of life itself , we learn to nourish our selves with awareness of the moment .

 The concept of aligning ourselves in mind , body and spirit may seem theoretically simple but is practically difficult and needs dedicated practice.
But a simple effort of coordination of our breath and some gentle easy to do movements could  be a start  towards an integration of our mind body connect .
 Extensive research studies in the west have only reiterated what was practiced and known in the eastern philosophies that mindful awareness develops our mental faculties with higher concentration abilities, improves coordination skills and brings clarity in our movements in our lives ..
 Mindfulness helps us to spot out our unhelpful thought patterns and is able to make us break free from destructive and defeatist attitude and behavior  thus developing us for the better and healthier us .
Mindfulness sessions makes one calm, relaxed while improving  our blood circulation and energy  in the body We can surely realize then, that wellness quotient need not be about spending time slogging through tiresome gym workouts ,or even about extreme starvation diets  but it could simply be about using our mind to optimize our health with gentle moves for body mind  integration, thus adopting subtle  shifts of movements for the better .
 As we build on these small steps  we pave the way  for an attitudinal shift towards good health and optimism. ... Simple changes to our thoughts  thus can change our lives !

  No one is too small to make a difference .....

             Points to ponder...

 Where attention is .... energy is .
 Our life's memorable  experiences are based on that which we have payed attention to.
 We can shift attention by leading from the movement and thereby changing the thoughts ....
By observing that which we haven't seen, we can learn to see life itself as a gift
As we connect with others around us in a positive way ... we build empathetic awareness in ourselves and our surroundings....

04 October 2012

Partner Dancing ...Lessons for a lifetime ....

Foremost  in taking  dancing lessons would be the realization that we are never done with learning to dance ever ... its ever evolving and continues to educate us for a lifetime.

Greater the involvement and dedication and commitment to practice  dancing , greater the rewards to the dancer  be it in terms of opportunities,happiness health , Dancing improves muscular coordination and endurance as well as tones our bodies whatever the age.

Dancing is a great activity to all around fitness for mind body and spirit.Thus  most dancers are generally very social and confident people .Social  Dancing  can keeps boredom out of our life provided we are not  overdoing it .. Dancing lessons are great ways in learning to put our trust , compassion , empathy and  understanding in relationships ... in a way what we learn from it can be  put to test on the dance floor.

Though we  may learn countless steps ... while dancing socially only those steps come to use which are already entrenched in our muscle memory ... so its important to practice with dedication and most importantly  when we dance ... it is imperative to remember  to develop the quality of  listening  with awareness to your partners  signals as after all dancing with a partner is a conversation , a  non verbal dialogue and not a monologue.

Dancing Latin and Ballroom dances develops one's  attention span, alertness, reflexes, teamwork, flexibility, adaptability, maneuverability and flow ,and many other wonderful traits worth developing which will hold one good for  a lifetime .

What is nice to remember though is to simply  be happy and joyous at every opportunity to dance  !

Dance often ..as....
"To dance is to know the bliss in humility and the strength in the flexibility
 To dance is to know the joy in the moves, and the power in the adaptability...."
Savvy Raj


28 September 2012

Dancing ....The Art of Space Art

Dancing ....The Art of  Space Art
When  I started listening to my inner calling I realized that, which makes me happy to be in this present moment ... makes me be at my receptive, attentive, creative , connective, positive  best ...At this juncture  I guess the moment I feel most centered is the moment I connect with dancing ... in whatsoever way possible, be it in thoughts , action or deeds like learning a new dance form , practicing , teaching dance techniques to the interested , imparting  a workshop ,sharing a dance , creating new patterns  or even writing about it.. Somehow a sense of serene alertness sets in and  yet  it manages  to keep me  in the state of joyous flow.

  I realize this space to be my healing abode , that which lets me be me , as  expansive as I want to be ! I am aware how  much my  connect  with dancing is growing and am thankful to those who have helped me to be where I am ...as a  happy being!

We are all  beautiful unique beings ,  and it is important to understand that which makes us unique is our distinct differences....Likewise with regards to partner dancing , there are many different perspectives as far as learning it is concerned . From Social Dancing (which  I identify with naturally ,possibly due to my own personal traits) ... to Show dancing at performances which is ideal platform for people who like to be at their theatrical , glamorous best  and love to entertain , to Competitive dancing which would be ideal for those who would like a rigorous and vigorous , athletic approach to dance training, where the syllabus is watertight and there are judges to keep scores and evaluate your training in different levels and where there are certificates awarded for levels completed  with proficiency in perfect execution of well rehearsed patterns .
 Each of these are beautiful pathways  and has its own takers as per the individual's nature.... . the scope of each is very different and yet the health benefits are common to all  with consistent practice .

 But my point here is, that among them  the important factor which differentiates Social dancing to choreographed sequences of the Exhibition and Show dancing  and the Competition dances  , lies in the expansion of the ability to accommodate , adjust and act according to the needs of the situation , which can be  developed very creatively in Social dancing ... as you learn the art of partnering  ie to  lead and follow with just about any person, no matter what the age , gender , height , weight  or proficiency level is ... This calls for a heightened  attentive response to stimulus ...( an average response time to visual stimulus for the human  brain  is about 1.23 seconds or so  for the human brain to body connection  and response to happen). Dancing socially  is natural  way to bring out the creative potential in  the dancers as there is no room for monotony to set in after a while, which could be possible in rigorous performance based dance training , or with strict adherence to syllabus in competition dances..

And yes...I love the fact that no longer is the old rigid viewpoint true of the leader being always in the lead  and the follower always the follow... I hope to reach out and  train and send out more people on the dance floor who realize the importance of  equality in partner connections .. after all without a follower there can be no leader...I  hope the word 'Hijack 'which technically could mean a follower taking over the job of leading ... is replaced with responsible 'Alert Partnering  ' which improvises the creative quotient of the dance partners .....and brings out the essence of great dancing!

Let us join hands to promote the simplicity of Spatial Art,( I do believe that it's so much more than just Floor craft )... Keep on Dancing !

26 September 2012

Dance to what moves you....

  First of all it is  essential to find that dance form  which moves you ....but before that  a good idea would  be to ask yourself  if you are the kind of person who is a team player or someone who enjoys solo dancing ...

  If you like dancing with a partner there are a plethora of dance forms you can indulge in , but yes the ideal situation is that you have a willing partner who has the same bent of mind . Often enough we are better off knowing to dance on your own as well as learning some partner dance forms .

Its important to remember that just like  our relationships are not static but actually change with time,  in an ever evolving dance , similarly dances too evolve with changing trends and generations .. it is the study of the concepts and techniques that play an important to develop your skills and enhance your dancing skills !
 If you are interested in learning to dance ..it would be good to be aware of the depth of your interest , whether its just as a passing fancy , a fad to learn something new , or to try to learn because of a deeper connect that you feel every time you dance yourself , or even as you watch  other people dancing . An honest appraisal by yourself would be helpful in deciding what the next course of action should be .... If you feel the connect I am talking about ,  get going .... start of with some dancing lessons for yourself now!

10 September 2012

Magic of Partner Dancing !

Gazing in each others eyes , moving in synchronized perfection, yet in opposition the beauty of a partner dance is in the ability to translate the knowledge of dancing on the floor as you dance...

  Knowing where to go , where to pause, its all in the  knowing  just in the nick of time where to move and that too complementing the music playing !

A dance between two partners  is a blissful feeling only when there is trust in each other, just as much as the passion ... as only when there is the letting go can there be the flow  manifesting itself in beautiful movements of the dance !

07 September 2012

The 3 Ps of Great Dancing: Practice , Perseverance, Patience

When u dance  , you got to persevere till u get it right , sometimes u falter, again and again , but with each time you do , you challenge your creative genius to greater depths... you've got to be willing to start over and over again ...eventually the actions, movements  that resonate with you grow , and  you learn to let go the ones that needn't be there ....The point is that  in every dance that is a treat to watch or dance , there are many moves that  paves the way and yet may not make it to  the final moves....And yes its good to remember that not everything we do is wonderful , there are always shades and degrees ... they are necessary  to accept and let them happen as how else will you know how far you have progressed :)

Practice ... is an invitation to welcome  perfection ! Whether its an invite to be able to dance perfectly or live life perfectly ... its all a matter of convictions, but the more you practice , the more you want to and less it tires you .A sure fire way to steady a wandering mind , improve focus, as it brings you closer to the subtler and the finer sensations ,with greater practice greater the refinement of movement the better the dance ... almost as if spontaneity is also not random ! Remember talent is a starting point , but practice makes it better!

Perseverance: An ability to not lose hope but stretch oneself a bit more each time ....never giving up , no matter how many times you feel like it.
To reap internal and external rewards of achievement  this self restraining quality is a backbone of survival  against major disappointments and adversities ... including the learning curves that most dance trainers go through at one point or the other .  After all ...life persists !

Patience :Good Dancers  must develop a quality of endurance that can sustain itself without provocation , almost like a level of forbearing without negativity . Its a natural state of mindfulness that its conducive for effective advancement of learning processes and well organized thought flows . Patience creates the quality of confidence while impatience breeds fear of failure , disappointments. The art of patience is a method of taming the thoughts whenever they become too unruly worrying about outcomes emanating from  false expectations  and thus  creating a positive approach towards success .. Savvy