23 January 2014

Dance of the Dolphins ... Effortless Grace!

Leap of Joy !

As a child my father took us to watch a very beautiful movie called' The Day of the Dolphins’. It was my first look at these beautiful creatures of the sea. Since then I have always been mesmerized by the effortless grace in their movements.

Dolphins truly move gracefully and yet are active and fast in water. Indeed they are capable of astounding feats of great speed and agility. The reason for their ability to propel themselves well is not only because of a streamlined body but also due to their ability to use the positive pressure field generated by a moving body to their benefit. Their tails are strong, muscular and powerful. This explains their ability to swim on their sides turn quickly and also change directions fast.  
That dolphins take big leaps off the water is well known.   Many reasons can be attributed to this behavior. One of the reasons is that dolphins leap out of water while travelling to conserve energy as moving through air consumes less energy than moving in water. Others reason out that the leaping may be a signal of communication with others of its own species. Or, perhaps the act could possibly even give them a better view of food options available.
Believed to be the most intelligent of all animals, dolphins are comparably as intelligent as a two year old human being. Along with their intelligence comes a finely developed sense of touch as their nerve endings are close to their skin. This also could be the reason as to why they are able to bond closely with the human species.

It seems so that dolphins spend the better part of their day indulging in social interactions.
In fact the actions distinctly exhibited by them make for interesting observation. Talk of the manner in which they pop their heads out of the water, touching and rubbing pectoral fins, breaching, bows and more. Synchronous movements such as these seem to work so much like signals of communication in bonding between a pair... quite like a beautiful waltz !

Indeed ! What a wonderful World !  

Savvy Raj

image courtesy http://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/9b8ca2c6-8266-11e3-b622-12313b06a873-large.jpg


21 January 2014

Dancing the dance of beauty and grace!

Magnificent Sun! 
Another day dawns!
Across the distant horizon resplendent in all its radiant hues sun shines on its blessings and bejewels the sky. The leaves unfurl themselves a little bit more ….with strength and energy and basking with confidence in its radiance. So glad the bitter cold of the night has moved away, they glide lovingly content in this moment that glows with warmth!
 The buds awaken themselves and bloom willingly only to reveal their astoundingly tender beauty. And soulfully they turn seeking the brilliance of the magnificent sun …catch them dancing the dance of beauty and grace that’s shimmering in its rays…Maybe they know well the time they have with the sun is precious and know they must live it with all their might ….and behold it’s a breath-taking sight !
Who better to seek to understand the preciousness of time ….  to understand the wisdom of time from  a tender flower amidst its unabashed beauty …

 Time is precious !Fill your day brightly ! Live the moments ….lovingly!Bloom and be blessed!
Savvy Raj
Shine and sparkle some more !

19 January 2014

Dancing Nature!

A glimpse of heaven on earth!

In the yonder the sun glistens 'like gold '  And besides me are flowers in manifold hues of pink jostling up a treat of wonder and awe for my rapturous eyes.The green of the leaves envelop me in calm as I listen attentively to the rustling foliage ...

It's Dawn....  Beautiful light!

Daybreak You are a breath taking Sight..

How I love the way the blue and white sky-sublimes your bright orange hues to a beautiful Serene cream  and  I watch in awe as it's rippled undertones splashes delightfully  across the mighty sky  and the sea....and  the river of the molten yellow glistening like golden lava..... tinting the Sea so sensually in all shades of the heaven and earth.

Indeed... A glimpse of heaven on earth! 

Savvy Raj 
{The moment I saw  this beautiful picture  I felt so connected with it ... and these words above just tumbled out of me .... just had to write it down !!}