26 October 2012

Are you here ?

 Mindfulness is about paying attention to the movement at hand without judging it . When we understand that everything in life is constantly changing this understanding and acceptance  is liberating in itself as then we don't lose energy in stressing ourselves about things which are changing .Thus in the variability aspect of life itself , we learn to nourish our selves with awareness of the moment .

 The concept of aligning ourselves in mind , body and spirit may seem theoretically simple but is practically difficult and needs dedicated practice.
But a simple effort of coordination of our breath and some gentle easy to do movements could  be a start  towards an integration of our mind body connect .
 Extensive research studies in the west have only reiterated what was practiced and known in the eastern philosophies that mindful awareness develops our mental faculties with higher concentration abilities, improves coordination skills and brings clarity in our movements in our lives ..
 Mindfulness helps us to spot out our unhelpful thought patterns and is able to make us break free from destructive and defeatist attitude and behavior  thus developing us for the better and healthier us .
Mindfulness sessions makes one calm, relaxed while improving  our blood circulation and energy  in the body We can surely realize then, that wellness quotient need not be about spending time slogging through tiresome gym workouts ,or even about extreme starvation diets  but it could simply be about using our mind to optimize our health with gentle moves for body mind  integration, thus adopting subtle  shifts of movements for the better .
 As we build on these small steps  we pave the way  for an attitudinal shift towards good health and optimism. ... Simple changes to our thoughts  thus can change our lives !

  No one is too small to make a difference .....

             Points to ponder...

 Where attention is .... energy is .
 Our life's memorable  experiences are based on that which we have payed attention to.
 We can shift attention by leading from the movement and thereby changing the thoughts ....
By observing that which we haven't seen, we can learn to see life itself as a gift
As we connect with others around us in a positive way ... we build empathetic awareness in ourselves and our surroundings....

04 October 2012

Partner Dancing ...Lessons for a lifetime ....

Foremost  in taking  dancing lessons would be the realization that we are never done with learning to dance ever ... its ever evolving and continues to educate us for a lifetime.

Greater the involvement and dedication and commitment to practice  dancing , greater the rewards to the dancer  be it in terms of opportunities,happiness health , Dancing improves muscular coordination and endurance as well as tones our bodies whatever the age.

Dancing is a great activity to all around fitness for mind body and spirit.Thus  most dancers are generally very social and confident people .Social  Dancing  can keeps boredom out of our life provided we are not  overdoing it .. Dancing lessons are great ways in learning to put our trust , compassion , empathy and  understanding in relationships ... in a way what we learn from it can be  put to test on the dance floor.

Though we  may learn countless steps ... while dancing socially only those steps come to use which are already entrenched in our muscle memory ... so its important to practice with dedication and most importantly  when we dance ... it is imperative to remember  to develop the quality of  listening  with awareness to your partners  signals as after all dancing with a partner is a conversation , a  non verbal dialogue and not a monologue.

Dancing Latin and Ballroom dances develops one's  attention span, alertness, reflexes, teamwork, flexibility, adaptability, maneuverability and flow ,and many other wonderful traits worth developing which will hold one good for  a lifetime .

What is nice to remember though is to simply  be happy and joyous at every opportunity to dance  !

Dance often ..as....
"To dance is to know the bliss in humility and the strength in the flexibility
 To dance is to know the joy in the moves, and the power in the adaptability...."
Savvy Raj