17 December 2012

Divinity in motion !

Dancing to me  is the pathway to self regulation , a prayer,  the present -ness in dancing is most felt as you move from strength to strength.While dancing can be practiced and perused with many intentions , there is great potential to transform you for the better as you dance , influencing your cellular awareness .

 Dancing in any form has this versatile component to connect with your innermost emotions , as it draws you out from your deepest core , whether you are in the throes of practicing body isolation's or the gentle  undulations of movement or even in the threshold of  contemplative self restorative somatic  movement , it helps open the subtlety behind the apparent .
Dancing quietens the mind , yet heightens awareness, and awakens the heart , starting from exactly where you are in space to who you are ....in just being yourself and in the moment .

In transforming and refining the rigidity in the body and mind  to the grace and strength of flexibility ,in the yielding it bares the strength behind the suppleness, in the movement . And from the very core of your being , there is regeneration of power that is self sustaining , that is simply the liquidity of the infinity in motion . Life is fluidity... dancing after all !


Vijaya said...

Woww...quite an expression :)

Savvy said...

Hey thanks Vijaya:)Glad u liked it!

Radhanjana said...

Any art form when focused with dedication, sincerity and purity then the synchronization of body mind and soul will lead you from gross to subtle level. That's the way I feel whenever I go thru ur blogs. Kudos to u, Savvy for the way u feel, think and bring them to form.

Savvy said...

Thank you so much :)

Ramesh Sood said...

I find my feet
tapping in rhythm;
Ah, dancing thoughts

Thanks for bringing me here Savvy..


Savvy said...

Dear Mr Sood, So glad to know and must share the reason I am partial to this blog .. cos dancing to me is all this and more ... a blessing from within , that finds a way to express itself in all that we do ... In that acceptance we find ourselves ... whether we are dancing with our words , or a partner .Thanks for being here :)

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