Welcome to the world of Ballroom Dancing…..

Welcome to the world of Ballroom Dancing…..

Want to learn Ballroom dancing?  Well you’re not alone. There is a wave of interest that’s reaching a new high with Bollywood movies bringing in world music to commercial cinema. The trend is definitely getting to be international. What with movie addicted audiences wanting to learn everything the stars do on screen, there’s a surge in aspiring people wanting to learn these international styles.

I have been teaching various Ballroom dance styles for over two decades. Today I can clearly observe a shift from the stereotypical ‘jhatka matka’ dancing in the movies to a multitude of international dance styles of different countries.
The aspiring student of today wants to explore and is ready to learn these different styles of dancing and adopt the attitude that best suits them. I must thank our movies for this as I have personally encountered various people who had no idea about the dances I taught and have innocently albeit ignorantly asked whether ballroom dancing has anything to do with a ball!?
It was just around a decade ago that a few select couples would come to learn. Perhaps it was to be able to dance during Christmas or perhaps at New Year parties. Or simply be able to take on dancing in a wedding function. Such were the times then.
Well, now the scenario is radically shifting. What with husbands wanting to learn to Tango or Waltz to surprise their wives. Or it could be a mother wanting to pair up with her son and daughter and learn the social graces - a compulsory syllabus of today, if you are learning ballroom dancing.
 Infact, it’s very necessary that you check whether you are also taught Dance Floor Manners by the teacher you plan to learn from. For this would surely  hold you in good stead through every aspect of your life.
 It would take you through advancements in your social behavior, personality and emotional to developments in your posture. And, it would lend to you a better body alignment as Dance at Dance Concepts takes you towards over all holistic self development.

Speaking of the trend as far as preferences go. Nowadays there are a number of children and young couples wanting to learn innovative steps like the Salsa dips and tricks or the evergreen Jive just for fun. Then there are professionals who have stressed out lives. They seriously want to connect with their partners over the weekend learning a new skill together, while trying to get back to the good old times with a jig on the ballroom dance floor.

Whatever be the reason to learn to dance, it’s really inspiring to teach such enthusiastic learners and the more they are, the merrier it is on the dance floor. Also one gets to learning new styles just by observing different people move differently to the same steps and patterns as per their individual ideas of styles.
 It’s been a fantastic time for me so far in teaching all these years and clearly it’s been getting better and better with the years. And with Bollywood films going truly international in dance styling there is a positive trend coming in with it. That there are  more students interested in learning these styles at my dance class ………..!The going is definitely getting better and better!

Savvy Raj, Founder, Facilitator, Dance Concepts
Member, International Dance Council, UNESCO, Paris.

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