26 February 2013

Demystifying the Shroud of Glamour

 When I say I am a Ballroom and Latin dance form  trainer … there is this natural association with everything  glamorous , high heels , fancy bare all clothes , svelte  tanned bodies , hairdos and glitter , there is youth  , shows and events galore , a fancy personal life filled with parties and a fabulous nightlife  life may be . 

Far from it is the truth , actually it’s so much more than just that , it’s about raising your conscious awareness of the  harmony and balance of mind and body , it’s about empowering your mind and heart with care and understanding of relative nonverbal communication through the medium of patterns of movement . It’s about taking time to memorize at times difficult routines and yet being able to be at ease with your own self  so much that the strain of practise never shows.


It’s about making friends with your mental physical and spiritual body and creating a dimension of composure and gratitude  for another to be inspired enough to want to learn from you . It’s a huge responsibility, to make a connection with a human being and sustain it gratefully whether it is for a class a, a dance or a lifetime.   

 It’s a huge juggling act more so ,  if you have other interests as well , professionally and even personally , being a mother , a wife , a daughter  and most of all a free spirit .Its about understanding the perspective of the  space in between all that you are and all that you want to be and  managing your creative resources well. 

As we reduce the gaps between we reach to our
potential heights gradually and thus learn to be at peace with in and around us .  In the truest realm when we focus on any art form  it’s about bringing discipline and dedication in every aspect of one‘s life , learning and growing all the way . The journey that‘s never ending, and experiences that must be savoured along the way .

08 February 2013

Just a Dance every day ...

Dancing has the ability to change the inner you for the better with external movements .MRI Scans shows that the same neurons are fired  when you watch some one else dance , as it would if you are dancing  yourself .

Dancing also fosters empathy, elevates mood and has the power to spread smiles....making people experience emotions which they may have never felt possible too. In a study conducted in Italy on cardiac patients who took waltz classes not only did they develop healthier arteries ,reducing of blockages , but also reported to be in much better spirit than those who took exercise classes like cycling and treadmill..

 The expressive aspect of dance releases pent up emotion and is godsend for those who find it difficult to communicate verbally. As actions at times speaks louder than words dancers can simply bring out what they want to say in movements.Thus dancing restores the equilibrium of the mind and body .

Dancing with a partner makes you think beyond yourself and for another. Everyday if you are able to get some time to dance a bit ... its a holistic way that  helps in paving the way to a happy  healthy, healing harmonious you.


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