03 July 2012

The space between the steps

Just like music is also in the spaces between the notes,  there is dancing in the spaces between the steps ..... Its only when we become aware of the value of spaces between the  thoughts that we can truly reflect and revel and dance with ease through our lives. 
The pinnacle of access to our realization of the creative entities at work  would actually be in the silence , in the intentions, in an emotional journey of profound fulfillment.
 The trick is to find that point of immense creative surge and be able to nurture it . 
Rest and activity go together just as much as night and day... And like the yin and the yang , there  must be pauses in between the breathes , an inaction in between the action , which will heighten the clarity,purity and the intensity of that which is evolving .

Its disheartening  that our world has become so hyperactive . Multitasking has become the order of the day  . people spend time having dinner in front of televisions , reading is done with music, and  mobile phones calls cuts through a real conversation. So much has there been an abuse of our bodies and mind that we truly have forgotten the importance of non activity .. The silence between your actions or movements  are the bridge to our totally  conscious experience and more so the greater your awareness the greater the potency of the action itself . 
         Dancing de-stresses the body mind and spirit holistically . Taking a moment to value the steps you dance together , valuing the music  you are dancing to, appreciating this moment& appreciating the partner you have in this moment will only cultivate the value for oneself and will help in centering oneself deeper in the action with a joyful heart and soul.
 When you Dance if you still your thoughts to  simply learn to flow with the partner , the atmosphere ,the music you will undoubtedly enliven yourself in the process and what you have is a beautiful dance of togetherness bridging the spaces between the steps with a conscious awareness .....

And that is  when dancing feels like a miracle that's happening!

Few more thoughts in the flow....

Start the day with a  few minutes of silence and observing the breath  

Take time to pause and watch a natural scenery view and try to be one with it . .. May be  a sunrise , a sunset, a beach view watching the waves , the stars in the sky , the moon , the sky , or a rose or any flower or potted  plant , tree in your garden .  Have moments where you are free of your cellphone , television , computer, any electronic appliances  
Make a point of actually listening and understanding  as others speak and allow other to speak as much as yourself .
 And also  accept every moment in the life you have now and cherish it for what it is ....Cultivating  an attitude of gratitude :)

 Savvy Raj