26 September 2012

Dance to what moves you....

  First of all it is  essential to find that dance form  which moves you ....but before that  a good idea would  be to ask yourself  if you are the kind of person who is a team player or someone who enjoys solo dancing ...

  If you like dancing with a partner there are a plethora of dance forms you can indulge in , but yes the ideal situation is that you have a willing partner who has the same bent of mind . Often enough we are better off knowing to dance on your own as well as learning some partner dance forms .

Its important to remember that just like  our relationships are not static but actually change with time,  in an ever evolving dance , similarly dances too evolve with changing trends and generations .. it is the study of the concepts and techniques that play an important to develop your skills and enhance your dancing skills !
 If you are interested in learning to dance ..it would be good to be aware of the depth of your interest , whether its just as a passing fancy , a fad to learn something new , or to try to learn because of a deeper connect that you feel every time you dance yourself , or even as you watch  other people dancing . An honest appraisal by yourself would be helpful in deciding what the next course of action should be .... If you feel the connect I am talking about ,  get going .... start of with some dancing lessons for yourself now!

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