10 October 2013

Dancing : The Art of Resonance

Dancing is a medium that brings out the power of the heart and mind and creates a force field of immunity around us..As you dance there is an exchange of knowledge,communicating non-verbally and all that's dull and immaterial tends to disappear to the background bringing forth  the grace and  beauty of life's infinite wonders .

Dance sensitizes the mind to understand empathize with trivial details as much as the larger picture .
The greatest gift of dance is the ability of expression . By using it in constructive and positive ways and means , a radical shift can be achieved  due to its mass appeal.

As you dance you are in an ecstatic and resonant connect with so many fields of  energy around you, most of which is invisible to the human eye, yet the realms can be sensed and felt  when your dancing crosses dimensions of space and time.

In this flow of movement in moments the many qualities of blending, adapting to another & moving together , dance teaches great lessons in adjustment and selflessness.

Take the step into the world of elegance and grace and you will soon realize that learning to dance is a whole lot of fun and that’s what it should be ….

Savvy Raj


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