05 June 2012


 If we are sitting at a desk for long duration we realize that our body tends to get rigid  , and even day to day activities at times are hindered . Regular stretching movements  help ease the body into a comfortable state of flexibility.

       Dancing socially is a wonderful way to get the benefit of dancing for enjoyment as well as health .

In terms of the  various health benefits  occurring due to dance internally in our bodies , it is an acknowledged fact that  for example as one dances  Bolero or a  Slow Waltz or Slow Foxtrot or even a Rumba which are all about the length , elegance, poise and balance, the parasympathetic system of our nervous system gets activated , due to deeper breathing and stretching movements. This switches off the flight or fight mode of our nerves and releases the muscle tension in our body while bringing about a general relaxation response. Our breathing pattern normalizes and in turn any elevated blood pressure come to normal levels.Stretching movements in these dances are gentle non aggressive , flowing movements are kinder on the body and not too exacting . Active stretching  reduce muscle tendon viscosity , they ensure suppleness in the joints  with an increase in the synovial  fluid  and lengthening muscle fibers increase range of motion  while increasing the circulation in the body . This enhances  muscular coordination and posture with an increase in  energy levels whatever the age . 

Our movements are akin to our thoughts we are after all  what we think . Simply learning to love and be kinder with our body makes it kinder to us ..So  as we dance gently we  learn to dance with  the flow  .....and expand our selves wholeheartedly .

Cultivate a life enhancing skill  like ballroom dancing and bring on joy happiness health & togetherness in your relationships
 Savvy Raj 
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