17 June 2012

If you wanna Change... Change Yourself !

                                                    Take A Step!

Change is inevitable ... matter changes as it is the very nature of matter to change ....but channelizing the change into manifesting creatively is  a result of the positive intention of the intend er !For example, we all grow and are growing this very minute  , older, wiser , but how we grow, and how we use this moment...to  grow and change  ... is in our hands ! Whether we choose a  life of mediocrity or creativity depends on us and our intentions  and actions as life can be creative and enriching experience  every moment  when we value, appreciate and enjoy both the stillness and the movement in the moment....

 Like the Upanishads states ... You are what your deepest desires are , as is your desire so is your intention . as is your intention so is your will , as is your will so is your deed ,as is your deed so is your destiny ....

 What at times may take years or a lifetime to accomplish, may take is just a single step or expression to bring  it on !  But remember  there are  always those subtle  signs that guide us towards whatever we wish for .

To intend to change for the better is the first step then to fulfill our deepest aspirations. A focused approach of  where to go and what to accomplish  , and persevering with a determined effort at it, is reason enough to make life respond rapidly  almost as if there is an invisible ray of power in and around us to make it happen . Simply put , whenever there is an aspiration  to make a difference , to change something , there is a corresponding response accordingly  !

So  guess its important  to make a move even if you are shaky and afraid, eventually you gain enough confidence to make bigger , bolder moves and that is truly liberating, as it is full of true confidence in acknowledging what all you are truly capable of. Bring out the success that you ACTUALLY are!:)
 Savvy Raj

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