25 January 2012

Conscious Healing Movements!

Our body &  mind knows what we need, if only we slow down and take the time to listen. Moving slowly to increase body awareness is vital for health and well-being. One can experience the increased body awareness which is a result of moving as one unit, body and mind. It’s possible to heal ones aches away. A headache, muscle soreness, joint pain often melts away in oblivion by bringing ones attention and focus on that particular body part and moving slowly with awareness of our breath and energies. Likewise it’s also possible to be aware of those movements which are not comfortable to our constitution as much as how one can identify those movements which make us feel better.
 The same is also true for emotional pain. By bringing ones attention to what is emotionally hurting and moving slowly through space, allowing the body to lead the way, one finds that emotional pain lessens to a considerable extent. Layers of hidden emotional pain and discontent can be diminished with this awareness about ones movements. 
 Centering oneself consciously involves knowing ones place in space and being comfortable enough where one is and stable enough to be aware of ones edges and the surroundings.
Healing happens as a consequence of certain specific actions in time. At the same time a word of cautionary advice , just as it’s very difficult  to lose weight and doubly easy to gather it all again . its but a given that once we have moved in space and healed our self-off our so called issues, we need to give a little thought to actions done without reflection as we wouldn’t want to be in the same tight spot which we have wrangled our self out of with so much conscious effort. Right? So let’s leave a mark of poised, beautiful actions in the monument of time in thoughts words and deeds and we will be consistently feeling twice blessed for sure 


Anonymous said...

very interesting read ...

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Thanks so much !

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