09 July 2011

Dance is Meditation

Dancing to us is sacred.  In different cultures across the world, dancing is instrumental in creating; sustaining and nurturing a vast majority of people .For example the indigenous dance form like the folk dances of a culture are links to the past traditions and also functions as a healing group therapy of sorts. Dance movements are gateways to freedom from pain and when they are practised with a pure intention it takes the person to a higher level of consciousness and spending time in such an endearing atmosphere can be enriching and refreshing experience for anyone of any age.

Dance can be therapeutic as certain movements slows down our brain processes and calms a person minimising anxiety and pain, and heals one emotionally as well as keeps us physically fit ,On the other hand certain movements makes us livelier and  upbeat and the person begets a state of being happy about oneself. As there is an endorphin release which makes the person absolutely positive about life. However it is very important to also realise that movements and music also have varying effects on people .So it is important to choose the right dance form according to what one requires and his present state of mind.

At the  workshops we tend to use music and some movements which are unfamiliar to the learners as it expands their thought process .On the physical level the body starts to at times first rebel then acclimatize to a new series of movements suited to the person’s needs .There is  tremendous need to be more psychological in ones approach to the learners and that’s what actually works for them .One can notice that though the present generation is one that seems to have moved away from spirituality and concepts of higher consciousness  and seems to have shifted away from their natural states in alignment, soothing and healing movements from other cultures do have a profound effect no matter ,and they are far more accepting and keen for a global perspective.

So it’s a given that one’s imbibed knowledge is to be shared as much as possible and not kept under lock and key as sharing of knowledge opens up the endless possibilities for both sides. At Dance Concepts workshops the aim is to be positive about learning, sharing and realizing the joy of rhythms in music and movement because ultimately it’s all about the rhythm that is present in everything around us whatever our cultural differences.For eg ;There are dances which are akin to a wakeup call for the soul  like the samba rhythms  or the jive beats make a dull person active , takes away built up tensions and warms and energizes  a person with feel good positivity  .Likewise the dances like the waltz known for its timeless  elegance and grace improves balance ,stability composure and poise  .  This is what we are striving to achieve with our mixed bag of dance workshops which can take a person through a journey into time, different cultures and traditions and genres of music.



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