24 March 2012

Dance is to expand your horizon

Dancing not only increases your sensory awareness, stimulates neurological development whatever the age, it also Increases balance and flexibility and self-control and thus developing artistic awareness and appreciation of life itself. 

Dancing together as a Couple is a lesson in life skills letting you in on many facets of a relationship with another and the environment around you too. It’s an equal partnership based on trust, connection and synchronicity. As one partner mutually takes on the mantle of follower then and only then can there be a good leader to lead.
“An elegant leader is the one who is able to navigate before any emergency situation  and  a good follower is the  one who dances to whatever the leader leads with elegance  and fluidity  at that very moment  ...and what better than partner dancing to practise your skills”. Somehow over these years social dancing has become more a show of extremely choreographed and well-practiced moves. The whole point of dancing socially has changed in perspective. As one is exposed to more and more rehearsed routines what with flash mobs , shows events etc. in public spaces which though manage to create interest they  are not able to keep the  new dance learners interest  sustained  as many feel it can at times feel frustrating to be not able to keep up with the levels of ability and  energy on show.

  Having said this  I have often felt the limitations of Social dance education based on imitative movements  in comparison to free flowing movement originating from the perspective of each unique learners movement although the principles of dance movements could be generalised . This has brought about a shift in my personal dance education and sharing experiences. In this spirit, and process of finding that special something and unique and different in each learner I have been finding myself in the midst of it all.
 So this belief fuelled by the spirit of ever evolving nature of dance education propelled  me to never to give  certifications which at times stunts  the entire process  of learning to dance to water tight compartments …

As for me …
“To Dance is to move with  the strength of earth below you, sensing and knowing  the grounding beneath you of your convictions ,
 to dance is to freely be able to improvise your physicality and emotional self  with the quality of fluidity like the flowing water,
 to dance is to ignite the power of  passion and fire up your creative movements  ,to dance is to be able to glide as if you are as light as the air and soar in grace ,as you feel the wind enveloping yet beckoning you to  scale new heights of harmonious effusion  while dancing with a conscious  awareness of your edges and spaces that you occupy in this  beautiful  amazing  world"

Savvy Raj