05 April 2012

Creative Dancing: Creating Yourself !

In my journey as a Dance Movement Synergizer, I have been observing with a keen interest the diversity in the range of each learner’s movements and have been a joyful witness to their evolving sense of creativity as they deepen their learning process.
Have often felt that a validation of the efforts that they put is what seems to weigh more heavily on the mind of any new learner.  this is a major hindrance to creative ability , as in the process of finding that validation , most are not ready to open up to any such possibilities which may look bleak but are after all  a start  of another way of looking at things.  For example many prefer to tread onto a chosen path without any attempt at trying anything new as the pressure to conform to standards plugs out any joy of doing what you do. The trick to positive creativity is to realise the joy in what you create; the process needs to be enjoyed just as much. If  you were to keep judging about the quality of  your dancing all the time  would you be enjoying while  you dance ?To me  dancing  is after all having more to do with the way you feel and sense  . It’s your personal rhythmic interpretation of thoughts and music at the given moment.  The steps and technique are learnt as a guide to creating poetry in motions not the other way round. Any art should be a start to a never ending beginning of newer interpretations, possibilities, and not to be looked as just a means to an end.  
 The path is daunting no doubt, yet if one is able to channelize distractions of critical thoughts to creating fluidity as you go, then the harmony from within us invokes the abundance of creative energy to becoming one with that beautiful dimension of a creation as unique as the being itself .In it lies the discovery and journey of realisation of all that we are ….