31 March 2012



Dance to celebrate life … often out of false modesty we forget to celebrate the little things we accomplish, celebrate your beautiful thoughts in movements as   you dance .This simply tends to anchor them as reality … As you dance in gratitude appreciation and thankfulness their high vibrational qualities   dramatically surges and you are abounded with happiness! It is important to learn not to be dismissive of your achievements as you then become a victim of your own thoughts.
 If you start thinking of your success as fluke you are negating yourself of all the good that can happen to you by driving you to underestimating your innate potential to create positive atmosphere around you.  Learn to care as much for another’s success as yours and your own life will magnify itself along the way to all that you dreamt as possible.    Dream on and just dance on and take the chance to open yourself to newer possibilities always!
Savvy Raj