21 March 2014


To dance is to know the bliss in humility and the strength in the flexibility
 To dance is to know the joy in the moves, the power in the adaptability
 To dance is to know that to take flight you need to be in touch with the roots
To dance is to connect with your core of your being.
To dance is to value contentment and peace
 To dance is to lay bare and reveal your innermost thoughts
 To dance is to enjoy the life in the movements
 To dance is to express hope beyond despair.
To dance is to create happiness and health in and around you
 To dance is to spread the power of positivism
 To dance is to breathe more wisdom 
 To dance is to exhale the unnecessary
To dance is to emanate the confidence  within

To dance is to aspire with dignity of grace 
 To dance is to dare to bare your soul's deepest longings
 To dance is to reach beyond the limitations of knowing
 To dance is to brave through the impossibilities of fear
To dance is to spread the light of your heart and soul
 To dance is to give out a message of freedom.
To dance is to support the living you
 To dance is to reach out a helping hand to lift another up.
To dance is to know love without dependence
To dance is to listen in the silence as the soul speaks
To dance is to be brave to express yourself
To dance is to realize the wisdom of your soul 
 To dance is to grace your life in conscious gratitude.
To dance is an acknowledgement of the divine connection.
To dance is to spark your creative spirit in the movements.
To dance is live a life you love.

 To dance is to be expansive, accepting and allowing of the power within every move
 To dance is to respect yourself as you are, and remind yourself of your strength within …
To dance is to acknowledge the innate spirit of your joyous self and share it in own unique way.  In fact to dance is to be uniquely you ….



Prasad said...
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Prasad said...

Excellent! Shows your passion for dance. It is pure bliss. Ananda Tandava.

Savvy said...

Thank you Prasad for the appreciation :)

sanjana Sarawgi said...

Yes Savvy, agree with u and very appropriately expressed. Dancing definitely brings out the best in me and through the classes I have seen others too evolve as better and much more beautiful human beings.... Thanks Savvy for teaching me dancing and much more beyond dancing...

Savvy said...

My pleasure Sanjana and so glad to know :)

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