10 August 2012

You lead ... I follow :I lead ... you follow ! Life is a dance

Important lessons in leadership   are easily  learned,  on the dance floor....as you lead and as you follow....
They are very simple lessons and yet very powerful. and contribute in making one a better dancer immediately. But more importantly it helps to know how to be a better leader in life too.
About a decade or more years back, Social dancing workshops and lessons in India were rarely common .We decided to do something about it and the Dance Concepts Latin &ballroom dance workshops began . We started with the basics :a Foxtrot , a Waltz , Jive , Rock n Roll and of course a Cha Cha  Cha. 
The idea was to teach as naturally and as simply as possible, so that the students made quick progress in learning the concepts of dancing  rather than just a routine. Having had the privilege of sharing our social dancing skills with so many eager learners over the years  we made a few observations … when the learners were learning the footwork side by side they would find it a breeze. But when we instructed them to  join hands and dance together, Some of them felt as if they were wrestling  more than dancing  with the girl  pulling one way, while the man was pushing her another way  Each  had  their  ideas about how theys hould move and how it would look.
 Social Dancing is a partnership, a partnership where there is a leader and a follower. Even if you don't like to follow, to dance well together it is wise to respect the partnership rules. Learning to follow is a skill that one needs to develop and is not necessarily easy. It’s difficult as you have to do the same thing your partner is doing, except backward. Just as important, you have to follow his lead even if it seems as if he's going the wrong way. And thus if one learns to lead well, the partner may actually enjoy the feeling of being led than feeling yanked and shoved around.

Tradition  the man takes the  lead on the dance floor.  Yes, in ballroom dancing - even these days -mostly  the man leads. But roles can be reversed  After all it takes two to tango... if one leads the other follows.
Being a leader is more about sensitivity  and definitely not about  pushing your partner around, but  to lead well, it is necessary to develop spatial awareness so you know exactly where your partner is at every moment, which  foot their weight is balanced on without looking. You have to be aware of their pacing, strengths, and weaknesses. And you have to take all that into consideration every time you move with a partner in your arms." A good leader connects than controls.
Know what you are going to do before you do it.Just know what your next step is going to be, and give your partner the signal at the right time so they can follow you gracefully.
Like so in life: Having a long-term vision of what your life should become is like knowing what type of dance you want to do. But being a good leader requires more of you than that. It demands that you also have good ideas about the medium- and short-term tasks that are required to achieve that vision. And it means you have to communicate those ideas to your partners - those  who are working closely with you to achieve your long-term vision.
Signal your intentions distinctly. To lead well, and the way to avoid using force is to give strong, clear signals. The stronger your signals are, the easier it is to follow you. And the easier it is for your partner to follow you, the better you'll look and the better they will like dancing with you.
In life: Knowing what you want from your partners, colleagues etc is not enough. You have to let them know what you want them to do by communicating it to them very clearly. And you have to give them enough time to do it.

Lead to demonstrate your partner's strengths.In dancing, the purpose of the leader  is to lead - but the purpose of the dance itself is to enjoy the moment with your partner, each focusing on the strengths than the weaknesses... Wise leaders hardly blame the follower when things go haphazard , which it might at times....After all exhilaration and excitement are a stones throw away from comfort zones that one might trespass at times ,  yet when ever the leader and the follower work in harmony ... its magnetic and mesmerizing indeed ...... it is then a dance beyond all expectations!
Savvy Raj


Vijaya said...

I don't mind being led on the dance floor for sure... :) Anyways would love to develop all the co-ordination and the skills required for the dance to be effortless and enjoyable for me :)

Savvy said...

Well said Vijaya...One of the biggest strength of a good follower is the skill of a response without a trace of anticipation ...that happens when we allow ourselves to let go in the dance .... then the dance is effortless and enjoyable for both partners:)

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