02 August 2012

And while you dance ....

A few pointers for being a good social  dancer: 

 1 LISTEN … to your partner as well as the music. Paying attention helps a great deal.  Being aware of the  surroundings on the dance floor is very helpful .
 2. PATIENCE: Being patient with not just yourself but also with your dancing partner  is a virtue… its very important  part of learning to dance Latin and ballroom dances.Many times what appears as a progressive learning pace slows down and that’s the time to be patient as everyone experiences a learning curve , the trick is not get discouraged but be accepting and yet dedicated in your practice and learning resumes . .
 3. ACCEPTANCE: It’s important to understand that as we are all unique individuals,  we all have a personal style of own in leading or following a dance , and variety in dancing should be accepted as the spice of life , rather than looking at dance partners to strictly conform to your standards .
  4. ADAPT:  If you go dancing socially make sure to socialize and not stick to your corner, after all you have learned to dance socially to get together and be part of a social  culture

5. DANCE: Never refuse to dance with a beginner infact that’s where your learning is put to test , and never be afraid of dancing with someone who dances better than you , as that will  be their opportunity to learn to accommodate the beginner, it’s always a win -win situation so go ahead and have some fun ….
Don’t bother too much about the level of dancing.

                           6 . COURTESY: Yes, probably you know countless moves and variations , maybe you love the lifts and the acrobatic elements , but if there is a crowded dance floor its hardly the place to show off your skills ,  so be courteous. Timing your moves is equally important in the process of learning to dance.
 7. POSTURE, Placement of the foot, and poise, can make or break the dance, so be ever mindful  of these three Ps  , even after you have finished the dance.

  8.ENJOY :Remember to have fun so you dance, and make sure your face reflects it.

9. Try to avoid standing or loitering in the dance floor . Dance floors are meant for dancing!

10. SIMPLIFY… keep it fun friendly and easy .
Its when you dance 100% fully embracing the authentic 'You , ' that you  discover the power of  dancing as you are...and you open the key to dance to success wherever you are .... SO GO ON FIND THE REAL YOU AS YOU DANCE .


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