15 June 2011

For The love of Samba!

Samba is a lively energetic and fun dance which fits in with much of today’s popular music. The samba word refers to pray or invoke the patron saint . The Samba dance history is a rich cultural one
 With beginnings in Brazil in the 19th century,the origins can be traced to African slaves brought to Brazil in the 16th and 17th century. The local Portuguese settlers imbibed their music and beats and infused it with their sensibilities and brought about the Brazilian urban couple dance the Maxixe pronounced (ma shi sh). 
Samba dances are done to samba music, and like there are many types of samba music, there are many types of samba dances. The Samba per se however has had so many variations in forms to the point that what we now consider as the Ballroom Samba is totally different in form to the Brazilian Samba which is danced at their local festivals to the layman although it does share  some close connections to the keen observer.
 The Samba beat and dance characterised by a rhythmic bounce capture’s the heart of all those who have chanced upon it. . The rhythm is fast and full of energy, so the music encourages people to really get up and dance. Whether one gets up to do a solo samba or to dance a samba with a partner, the music will move you to the dance floor. Samba music is infectious almost to the point of the beat cutting through barriers of race culture traditions and time that when you hear the Samba music the beat makes you move your body from your heart. It’s earthy sensual and surprisingly very grounding. The dance moments too have the same appeal naturally, and it’s almost as if you energize by pushing onto the very ground and imploring the connection to strengthen you as you dance to its mesmerizing beats.
The dance is vivacious and definitely keeps you in the now. How can you possibly be thinking of anything that’s gone by and what lies ahead if you are truly connected and moving with your Samba beats The rhythm moves you from within compelling you to enjoy this present moment and making you live this moment in life in its fullest glory and we learn to enjoy and appreciate the many many bounties that life has to offer and realise through every step of life the freedom that comes from within.
‘Practice dancing mindfully and see the difference it brings to your life’ 


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