29 June 2011


Dancing is the rhythm of life which is primarily a motion based on a thought that a movement could simply express what could be a volume of words. Every time the creative spurts are awakened through artistic activity there is rebirth of energy moving to unfold itself in a unique way, justifying the quest to the depths of the art form. 

 As dancers perfect their skills they become aware of the economy of movement along with its ergonomics. The road is tiresome, winding, the journey full of discipline although it builds the strength of character required to dance beyond oneself. This dedication is necessary and must never be taken for granted. Likewise as the dancers take on the mantle of a teacher the focus must be on sharing the knowledge than teaching, their aim must be simply to rekindle and stimulate the learner’s mind, towards a journey of self discoveries, realization and finally awakening! 

A good teacher is so much than just about credentials and certificates and awards. A teacher must make every student feel respected and communicated to fostering a positive self image with responsibility and punctuality amongst students . Practicing whatever one learns  is important to both the student and teacher at every level of learning. As a dancer becomes more and more poised and surefooted its naturally going to bring about many wonderful and positive changes in life , both  in the physical body  and mental attitudes.

 Dancing with a partner for example  teaches empathy, compassion and awareness of the body and mind along with teamwork. In today's world that seems so focused on self aggrandizement  it definitely would be good  idea then to  learn to sustain  this learning in other spheres of ones life  and  share this knowledge with  others too ...

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