10 March 2010

Memoirs - Unending hope

Unending hope

Hungry eyes desiccated look
Chapped swollen lips a dry cough
Feverish body accompanies a dazed look
Bony arms that work has made rough.

With empty stomach he wanders far
Walking bare feet on a just laid road of tar
Sweat pores dry up on that sizzling hot day
In the mid summer month of May

Yes you couldn’t guess better
And there is no better word to utter
He is a street child
And that’s putting it mild.

Each day he lives
He searches longingly for someone who gives
Each moments such a torment and pain
As he waits patiently for some endearment in vain.

A time there was when tears rolled down the cheeks
from the corner of his eye.
But all his tears have dried
and there isn’t much left to cry.

All alone I am
He says and whether he lives or dies none give a damn.
He wants no pity or sympathy, just some love and care
But well that’s just too hard to share.

 But come what may
 His hope is here to stay ....


Anonymous said...

i love it
very lovely poem

Anonymous said...

a extreamely sad poem
which brings tears to the readers eye
check out my blog on page 8 !

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