18 February 2010

TOUCH - Therapeutic Values of Social Dancing

                                TOUCH - Therapeutic Values of Social Dancing.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I have often realized that as we teach so many students from different backgrounds, they all, in fact each of them have given us back something very special indeed. We have felt happy and touched by all the warmth they have given to us.
Now personally experiencing that as a dance educator , I feel many a stressful situation can be averted , dissolved or tackled if there is consistency in practice and a positive approach while learning to dance.
It is always entirely pleasurable to teach the one who is keen and trusting than force your patterns of movement to a reluctant learner. So a Couple that learns together must have the will and desire to learn with the same amount of eagerness.
For me as dancing is a way of life. I believe there is grace and poise is everything around us. In stillness too there is a movement that begins before the break of silence. Every organism moves and is dancing to the tunes of nature. When we harness this nature’s energy through movement we can account for the transfer of energy that takes place as we dance together. It accounts for that feel good factor once the dance actually begins and also that lasting movement of happiness and high that occurs after the dance. I almost at times feel that each feeds on the other’s energy and is helpless without the other. There is so much balance coordination and poise in each movement done together with the feeling of energy from within as you move as one and slicing through the wind gently and forcefully now and then as per the tempo of the dance itself.
Besides the good amount of endorphins generated by the individual, the dancers end up in a much lighter and relaxed mood, at once their spirits are lifted marveling at the sheer beauty of that which was accomplished by them. Such is the power of Dance – especially  Social Dancing …………so do get ready to have some fun and learn a life enhancing skill soon.