10 December 2013


As far as students learning to dance is concerned In India as of now we  seem to still have the sheep mentality – we just follow the herd.  A skilled trainer  must instill the courage to explore  discover new frontiers,  and then create by assimilation of cultural differences and recognizing the beauty in each of them .

Our culture is rich in structure in variety but with an extremely rigid although disciplined approach where learning concerned.  But perhaps new pathways have to be forged to accommodate global existence in an increasingly small world where people are realizing the importance of interconnected living and exploring integration possibilities in all spheres of art.

The old methods of learning may hold wealth of information and intellect, but mere intellectual understanding alone cannot bring awareness.  True awareness comes from acceptance and an accommodating spirit that comes from tolerance.  Tolerance of another diametrically opposite movement too and most of all conviction, trust and belief in the creative self.

 The dance scene in in India have to move beyond teaching dance to impress through fancy performances  and explore dance as a method of self expression a voice that emotes through movement.  This voice is a powerful movement which is both radical as well as intriguing in its possibilities of not only touching but progressively transforming and empowering  lives.  And that is the goal of  any art form.  Like Leo Tolstoy believed that true art is when there is no separating divide between the artist and the viewer .... as the differences of perception melt beyond recognition there emerges new shifts of consciousness.

 Perhaps it is happening in its own way embodying the healing aspects of movement through dance therapy  and its application . However the large scale fad of learning to dance to outdo  or become popular through fancy movements and showboating needs to be channelized with a more empathy oriented  dance education in place where the so called  social malaises  can be dealt with maturity that an  education of dancing together can bring to a community like building social awareness grace and poise fostering self confidence  and self esteem  as well as teamwork and respect.  Introducing a sense of empathy in imparting education  is a prime requirement in our education system .

Any art form is not explored from of arrogance and contempt for other art forms but in the accommodation of newer possibilities through a process of trial and error in thoughts perspectives of approach and experiential learning and assimilation of experiences. 

Savvy Raj 


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