10 December 2013

Being In connect with the Art of Dancing !

Dancing has the ability to balance our emotions and heal the spirit within.
  Even with extremely simple movements  dancing regularly has the ability 
to counter our negative thought processes and sublime it towards a more
 balanced positive approach in life.  As our thoughts are we are and as
 we are our thoughts flow...the way  we move through life can easily
 indicate the level of comfort and connect we have with ourselves. 
 And what better than a dancing to loosen those shackles of inhibitions
 which  arise in our thoughts and stagnate the free flow of
 healing energy through our movements.Dancing has  the ability to not
 only heal our past but also to keep us  engaged completely in this
 present moment.
The ancient wisdom's had always been very accommodating of these 
healing movements whether it is for self defense , social engagement 
or festive  needs  or simply as a  restorative process in the form of  dance.

Folk dancing  and the social dances across the world have many functions.
From  celebration of the human spirit  to helping the individual express
 their emotional states in  a free flowing natural way..  They are great ways
  in  emotionally healing the communities, wherever  they are practiced.
As the dances can help in fostering a sense of community and team
 spirit by  through the simple movements  imbibed  from their daily lives
  which they can  relate to  easily .Tapping into the energy of the movements
 in their daily lives they are thus able to accept and let go of the simple to
complex issues that their lives are all about.  An effective psychologically
positive method of relaxing the body mind and spirit for the self as
 well as the world around... In  comparison are the sophisticated dances
 of a more structured method ...where mastery of technique and artistry
 is given more weightage which can be
 associated with an evolved consciousness of changing times. 

Dance definitely can express and explore the endless possibilities of the
 human body movements.  But it always feels more natural and
 spontaneous in an imprompto social  dance than when rehearsed
 and choreographed like in performance .  Its thus more significant in
 realising the power of dance is about being able make an audience
connect  with dancers where they feel 'Yes I want to dance that too'.
.And may be I could learn that too... giving them a sense of confidence ...
. An over perfected dance show might just make them than wonder
 'How in the world did they do that' as if it’s an acrobats in a circus act
 than a dance ....
 there are many instances of overuse , strain and injury amongst such
 dancers .Many new learners who might even try to learn in a rush 
...may be risking their health too with extreme training ..

There is a wealth of understanding in that simple connect .
.we call a dance....just dance on ..
The art of dancing imparts great lessons in the art of living fine !  
   Dancers and educators of this art of movement must endeavor
 to take this as their personal  responsibility  to enthuse in the learners not
 only the  understanding of dance as an joyful means of expression .. but  
also about  the powerful Empathetic connect  that can arise in it whether it is
 about dancing solo or with  a partner or even from a spectators perspective ...
 In an increasingly stressful and  competitive world...dancing naturally can 
bridge the disconnect that many students sense with their dance,when 
expectations aren't met and feel overwhelmed by

 the extreme politicizing and  dramatic and tantalizing  exposures 
and overtures by the media  in the name of DANCE ....
Be caring and respectful  and go easy with your body and .... Dance on !
 Savvy Raj


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