17 April 2014

Life is the Gift ...Living is an Art !

Live it up and not just exist for existence sake !
Wake up to a life of beauty in and  around you  every day.

Spend moments in that which you love ...
As you find your passion and it will lead you to your purpose! 

Participate in enthusiasm in each moment don't let it pass you by ...
Live in alignment with your purpose with passion .

 Let go of past and commit to this moment 100%
Forgiveness is the art of setting yourself free !

All in this world are one
Embrace the art of growing ,helping others grow with you !

Be flexible to new ideas 
 Explore your limits and gently stretch beyond  

  Acceptance  and mutual respect are positive steps  towards creativity 
Respect people as they are .

Care to be proactive and quit complaining 
Do what you want others to do for you !

 Let go of attachments as they are impermanent 
 focus on the larger good  and empowerment !

Care to see the world from the other persons perspective 
 fill your cup of empathy and let it overflow with joy of caring ! 

Change is constant  ....Simply care to bring positive changes to the self 
and the world changes for you !

 Embrace the art of expressing gratitude for all that was , is and will be !
If you don't express they will never know how much they mean to you .

 Get in touch with your inner happiness and the world is a happy place 
Smile and have loads of fun !

Be authentic about yourself and loving all that you are 
 cos you are a manifestation of divine light !

 As you meet the divinity in you you will meet the divine in others !
Life is a gift  living is an art !

Savvy Raj 

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anjana said...

Beautiful and meaningful way of living. Expressed so well in simple words touching all aspects to make life worth living. very well written Savvy.

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