07 September 2012

The 3 Ps of Great Dancing: Practice , Perseverance, Patience

When u dance  , you got to persevere till u get it right , sometimes u falter, again and again , but with each time you do , you challenge your creative genius to greater depths... you've got to be willing to start over and over again ...eventually the actions, movements  that resonate with you grow , and  you learn to let go the ones that needn't be there ....The point is that  in every dance that is a treat to watch or dance , there are many moves that  paves the way and yet may not make it to  the final moves....And yes its good to remember that not everything we do is wonderful , there are always shades and degrees ... they are necessary  to accept and let them happen as how else will you know how far you have progressed :)

Practice ... is an invitation to welcome  perfection ! Whether its an invite to be able to dance perfectly or live life perfectly ... its all a matter of convictions, but the more you practice , the more you want to and less it tires you .A sure fire way to steady a wandering mind , improve focus, as it brings you closer to the subtler and the finer sensations ,with greater practice greater the refinement of movement the better the dance ... almost as if spontaneity is also not random ! Remember talent is a starting point , but practice makes it better!

Perseverance: An ability to not lose hope but stretch oneself a bit more each time ....never giving up , no matter how many times you feel like it.
To reap internal and external rewards of achievement  this self restraining quality is a backbone of survival  against major disappointments and adversities ... including the learning curves that most dance trainers go through at one point or the other .  After all ...life persists !

Patience :Good Dancers  must develop a quality of endurance that can sustain itself without provocation , almost like a level of forbearing without negativity . Its a natural state of mindfulness that its conducive for effective advancement of learning processes and well organized thought flows . Patience creates the quality of confidence while impatience breeds fear of failure , disappointments. The art of patience is a method of taming the thoughts whenever they become too unruly worrying about outcomes emanating from  false expectations  and thus  creating a positive approach towards success .. Savvy 

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