05 August 2012

Soul Enrichers

Being rich is living your life on your own terms
according  to your possibilities, not your limitations.

  Being a warm heart  is being the caring heart,           with time and love and laughter 
               to spare and  share....


Being free is being able to voice the flow of thoughts
without prejudice and restrictions and learning to let go ....

 Being a child is arising from innocence
and being able to awe the world with just being you

 Being a daughter is boundless spring of  laughter, life and love for a lifetime

Being a mother is an eversurging well                 
of love warmth and compassion and selflessness


Dancing on Daddy Toes ... I grew up to be the woman I am ... Thank you Dad 4 you r the one who taught me to appreciate life in all its dancing glory !
Happy Fathers Day ! God Bless Dads!

Being a father is caring and sharing  from where you are
oblivious of the time space and distance

Being a good human  is a helping hand before your

A man of convictions , standing by whats good in this oh so carried away world, rooted to the ground in body mind and spirit .... heart of gold .... I'm blessed to be your sister

Being a perfect stranger can also be a soulful of warmth  and love we can find in the strangest of places

A Perfect Stranger


Dont know her beyond the dance we shared , but she was there that evening  in Goa in a place they belted out just my kinda music and I
ached to dance the night away , she was a willing partner to my whimsical dance moves...said she never danced this way before .... it certainly didn't seem so  .....:)

And with each of  you dancing souls I cherish  the sharing of the great  moments of undefinable joy ... comfort...care...confidence and love... Dance on and shine some more!