12 August 2012

Sharing a Dance : Sharing Energies

Sharing a dance can be  a learning process, in knowing when to stay, when to leave or pause , a free experiment in movement with each other.... a freedom of expression ... which is  an excitement in itself

 Its a great meeting point . A touch is a very direct way of communication and simply  how you hold your stance, posture and frame  makes  your personality come through as you dance . 

Dance on to learn about things like  balance,off-balancing centering, sensitivity, space management, listening, relaxation, grounding, yielding, and flow... letting go , and precision and clarity of movement ! 

 Dancing is just as wonderful for hyperactive or even kin-esthetically inclined people... ...

  There is tremendous healing taking place as we dance...

Dance helps in freeing our mind 
and body in a moving meditation making you alive to the moment! ....

Dancing often  increases the quality of life itself ....where we are one with the universe!
Savvy Raj

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