04 August 2012

Eat Wisely .... Dance Nicely!

Eat Wisely .... Dance Nicely!     

As much as learning to dance its equally important to commit to a healthy food plan for an efficient body.  The  energy levels required by the dancers is directly connected  with the food one chooses.
 An   unhealthy trend seen among dancers is to be slim beyond your basic healthy body composition.  Each of us is unique in mind body and spirit and so are our eating habits.  So its is important is to choose wisely, then reasonably sustain this lifestyle change as naturally as possible. The so called food diets that many dancers fall victim to in order to maintain a slim frame makes one prone to a host of unnecessary health problems from aches, pains, spasms and strains along with deficiency  of vitamins and essential minerals in our body.
Even more important is the need to hydrate oneself consistently.  For this its wise to remember when one is thirsty it is a sign of dehydration.  So drinking a moderate amount of water consistently would be a wiser idea.  Its good to have a few sips of water before during and after practice.A simpler idea would be to start the day with at least 1 or 2 glasses of warm water as soon as you wake-up

Secondly a good breakfast which includes a healthy serving of fruits and some cereals and proteins would help in kick starting one’s day.Instead of having huge meals its healthy to break it into smaller portions and ensure you have something every 4 hours in the day.  This ensures stable sugar levels.  If you like to snack, try carrying healthier options like fruits or nuts, dry fruits than  processed snacks.  It’s a good habit to include some protein during every meal as its helps combat the tendencies of overeating and take care of one’s iron reserves.

 And its a  wise  idea , trying to include about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.The simple way to ensure optimal nutrition is to have different colored vegetables . This way there will be a change in the flavour and taste of the food you eat . 
Depending on the kind of workout one does , a good food plan will ensure an adjustments in food groups according to the extra spending of energy in balanced amount. 
 Having about 30% fruits and veg , 30% of carbohydrates – pasta rice 20% protein – lentils, eggs wheat potatoes, corn ,15%, milk and yoghurt cheese 5% fats – oils butter to constitute your food as regularly as possible .
Maintaining a plan is very  important but the results do show on the person in time and the so called dancers body is a result of both good dance practices as well as good eating plan.  This ensures a healthier way of living. A simple way to ensure optimal nutrition is to have a dedicated time where you can focus on the food you eat without distractions . This will make you  aware of what ever you are eating and gradually you will find that food you eat is satiating too.

Ballroom dancing is three dimensional and the energy requirements depends on the intensity of your practice  as you improve your dancing and increase your potential.  But just as important is eating well its equally important to breathe well to digest the food we eat for our health requirements. 
This interconnect of our mind and body shows in a surge and drop of energy levels in a dancer.  The better our eating habits better our dancing abilities . And better our dancing, better our mental and emotional health .


Vijaya said...

Well...well...so this is where you revealed your energy secrets :) will try some of the tips :)

Savvy said...

Sure tx Vijaya, do try :) Glad to know you are keen to try! Whenever there is a reasonably sustained effort,the change is gradual but clearly evident in your energy levels!

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