10 March 2010

Memoirs - The world lives within you

The world lives within you

You are what you want to be ,
The world is nowhere but within you.
Say of reason , I can make you see
Then the action you can justify, you can do.

In lonely lanes of sensitivity don’t sit and sulk
Running away from the problem is no solution
Cos only your sorrow and strife increases in bulk
And in frenzy and fear is what you are in your reclusion.

Put out that truly heartwarming smile
Hurt if you are, try hard to hide
And don’t ever those worries in you mind file
And who knows perhaps you may swim the opposing tide

Forget the trifles that flicker your brow
Live in harmony with that living you
Feel that moment and try not to overgrow
And know it comes searching what to you is due.

Don’t blame time for things it has done
Time is full of sweet innocence
It’s what’s in you which matters has gone
So try and build that lost confidence .

Feel free to feel as free as you want to feel
Think totally the way you think is the way to think
Just take care not another’s joy, you do steal
And soon for sure you can get over the brink


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